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Adam’s professional movers has tips for moving into a rental home | Adam’s Moving Service

A Professional Mover’s Guide for Moving into a Seattle Rental Home

It’s finally here — moving day — and all the stress and excitement that comes with it! Adam’s professional movers and packers in Seattle have seen it all.

As the experts in Seattle moving services, we have a few tips to make moving into a Seattle rental home as easy and seamless as possible.


Do A Careful Inspection


Before moving into a rental home, chances are you’ve gone through a few houses and know what you’re looking for. If you think you’ve found the one, ask to do an inspection before moving in or signing anything.

Check things like the water heater and air conditioning, as well as appliances. Be sure to note any damage you see, and if you do move in, get these items in writing to the landlord so they won’t be taken from your security deposit.


Read the Lease Agreement Carefully    

If you’re ready to sign the lease, be sure to read the lease agreement carefully.

Never sign something without a careful and thorough read. Check the amount you’ll be paying for a deposit and how much is refundable when you move out. Find out what you are and are not allowed to do, like having guests over or using more than one parking spot.

If you do have any questions regarding your lease agreement, be sure to get clarification from your landlord before signing. Ask as many questions as you need to be able to understand the lease and understand what you’re signing.

Get to Know Your Landlord

Chances are, your landlord will play a part in your move, for better or for worse. Try and start things off right, with a good relationship with your landlord.

Be sure to have open communication with your landlord. Find out how to fill out repair requests and let them know you plan to be timely with payments and you also expect timely repairs. If you need a new item or appliance in the house, ask who will pay for it. If you’re ready to freshen up the paint, find out what the policy is for renovating and who will cover the cost. Most of all, remember to treat your landlord with respect and expect the same.


Research the Neighborhood  

Adam’s professional movers have already written about some of the best neighborhoods in Seattle, but before you sign anything, be sure to do lots of research about the neighborhood you’ll be moving into.

Your first priority should be safety, and if a neighborhood is known to be unsafe, that should be an automatic deal-breaker. Other things to consider include its proximity to work, how walkable or bikeable it is, and the types of shopping and restaurants nearby.

There are many websites that discuss and rate neighborhoods, but if you feel like information is scarce, don’t be afraid to knock on some doors. Tell the occupants you’re potential neighbors and ask for the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding the area.

If you’re ready to move, call Adam’s residential packing service at 206-251-1725 and see how our services can help you have a stress-free moving experience.