Professional Moving Rates


Spring Special

To welcome in the Spring Season we are offering discounted rates through May 31st. Check out the rates below!

Labor Only

With Moving Truck

2 movers, labor only:

(Mon-Wed) $180/hr $145/hr

(Thu-Sun) $180/hr $155/hr

3movers3 movers, labor only:

(Mon-Wed) $220/hr $185/hr

(Thu-Sun) $220/hr $195/hr

4movers4 movers, labor only:

(Mon-Wed) $275/hr $240/hr

(Thu-Sun) $275/hr $250/hr

2movers1truck2 movers with truck:

(Mon-Wed) $195/hr $160/hr

(Thu-Sun) $195/hr $170/hr

3movers1truck3 movers with truck (Best Value):

(Mon-Wed) $240/hr $205/hr

(Thu-Sun) $240/hr $215/hr

4movers1truck4 movers with truck:

(Mon-Wed) $310/hr $275/hr

(Thu-Sun) $310/hr $285/hr

5movers2trucks5 movers with 2 trucks:

(Mon-Wed) $420/hr $385/hr

(Thu-Sun) $420/hr $405/hr

Travel time charges will apply.

Please contact us for the most accurate quote, as many variables may affect the rate. Email us or call 206-251-1725 today.

We are happy to serve you with full-service moves, packing assistance, and single item pickup and delivery.

Payment Policy 

We accept all major debit/credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX). Payments are processed on-site after the conclusion of our service via Square for your convenience.

We do not accept cash or checks.

Gratuities are graciously accepted for a job well done! If you do plan to tip your crew, please be prepared with cash or check. Debit/credit card tips cannot be accepted.
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Office/Corporate Moving

We are also happy to assist your business with any moving needs. Please contact us for more details on how we can help.

Packing / Unpacking


Please call or email to request more information on our packing services.

Seattle Furniture Delivery

Please contact us for the most accurate quote, as many variables can affect the movers rate.


We offer three types of valuation on moving day:

1. Basic Value Protection: Free of charge, compensation is .60 per pound for a damaged item.

2. Replacement Cost Coverage, with deductible: We will repair the damage to your satisfaction, pay you for the lost or damaged articles (less the $300 deductible), or replace the lost or damaged article for any amount over the $300 deductible. The $300 deductible applies to the entire shipment rather than each individual article. This level of coverage costs $1.15 per $100 of declared value.

3. Replacement Cost Coverage, with no deductible: We will repair damage to your satisfaction, reimburse you for the replacement cost, or replace lost or damaged articles. This level of protection costs $1.40 per $100 of your declared value of the entire shipment.

How much do movers cost in Seattle?

The decision to hire a professional moving service is often based on the question, “How much do Seattle movers cost?” Seattle moving company rates can vary based on several factors. Many companies calculate hourly moving rates by considering the size of your home, how far you are planning on moving, how many movers you hire, the amount of packing supplies used, and the number of trucks you need. The more services and workers you need, the higher the moving rates will be.

When you hire Adam’s Moving Service, we offer full-service moving rates. You are not only paying moving prices; you’re ensuring that your items will arrive at their location safely and securely. Our customer service is unmatched! To get the most accurate quote for our moving services, email or call us at 206-251-1725 today.

How much does it cost hourly for moving labor services?

When searching for hourly Seattle moving company rates, you’ll likely find that they can vary widely. At Adam’s Moving Service, the base price is $170 an hour for two movers. Any additional movers and trucks will add to the hourly moving costs.

At Adam’s Moving Service, we like to ask, “What can I do for you?” If you need full household moving assistance, we take the time to pack each item with care. We bring our own moving trucks and equipment to move your belongings safely. Just need a rental truck? We can come to your house to help load and unload the truck. We take pride in packing trucks efficiently for the safest transport possible.

When you hire Adam’s Moving Service, you hire well-trained, courteous, and careful movers. We are licensed and fully insured, so you can sit back, relax and let us handle all your moving needs!

Serving the Seattle area for over 15 years

We know that a good reputation and a strong business are built through hard work, fair rates, and satisfied customers.

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