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Adam’s professional movers has tips for moving during the busy season | Adam’s Moving Service


Professional Movers’ Guide to Moving During the Busy Season

Moving is never at the top of people’s “things I enjoy” list, but it’s a necessity in life.

To make sure you’re ready for moving day if you move during the busy season, Adam’s Moving Company in Seattle has prepared a few tips and tricks to make it less stressful and a little more smooth this season.


Summer Is Peak Moving Season, So Be Ready


Summer is the time residential movers are going to be busiest, so if you plan on moving in the summertime, it’s best to be prepared and know what to look for and do.

Summer is often a great time to move for families with school-age children, so they won’t have to miss classes and can get acclimated to a new area. It’s also a big deal in college towns where many people move to go home during the summer. 


Hire A Moving Service Early    

The absolute best thing you can do to be ready to move during the busy season is to hire professional movers early.

Rather than doing all the moving on your own or trying to get family or friends to come help, residential movers can make your move so much less stressful. A moving service will provide labor, packing supplies, trucks, and anything else you might need so you can sit back and watch the move happen.

Rent Your Truck As Soon As You Can

Along the same lines, if you need to rent a truck during the busy season, you’ll want to do it as soon as possible. Rent a truck today if you can, because you can usually schedule it for weeks out if necessary.

Most moving local companies in Seattle will provide a truck if you hire their services, but if you choose to move by yourself, rent a truck as soon as you can.


Avoid Weekend Moving If Possible  

Another handy tip is to avoid moving on the weekend if you can. Weekends are by far the most common times for people to move, so professional movers and moving trucks get booked up very quickly.

Of course, moving in the middle of the week isn’t always possible, so this goes back to the idea that if you are going to move on a weekend, get your crew and your truck as early as possible. If you can, try and move at the beginning or middle of a week when things are less busy.

Check the Weather

If you’re an early bird and you’re scheduling your move several days or weeks out, try and check an accurate forecast for the day you choose.

Summer weather can be unpredictable, and the last thing you want is for your residential movers to have to be sloshing through the rain with your valuables.

Even during the busy season, Adam’s Moving Service can help you get through the stress of a move. Book your move online or call us at 206-251-1725 to get your Seattle and Western Washington move done right.