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Spooky Things You Never Considered About Moving in Seattle

Aside from the rain, Seattle might seem like a typical, normal city you’d hire packing assistance for moving in. But Adam’s Seattle moving services has some news for you: Seattle can be spooky!

From our haunted houses to our eerie and unexplainable, Seattle has enough creepy history and eerie places to make your skin crawl! Below are a few spooky things about Seattle.


Seattle’s Haunted Houses

Seattle is known for all sorts of creepy haunted houses, and not just the kinds that come out on Halloween! Below are just a couple:

The Mayflower Park Hotel: Over the years, multiple guests have reported disturbances and the feeling of being watched in the hotel.

Kells Irish Pub: Kells is often called the most haunted bar in America. Kells used to be a mortuary, so no wonder it might be haunted! The basement of Kells was the old embalming room, making it the creepiest — and most haunted — part of the pub.

The Arctic Club Hotel: In 1936, Congressman Marion Zioncheck leapt to his death from a fifth-floor window, and even today, the elevator is known to stall on the fifth floor. Others have heard phantom footsteps and whisperings throughout the hotel.


Seattle’s Eerie Places    

Did you know Seattle has a haunted vending machine? No, really! Located at 918 E John St, there’s a soda machine that is always unexplainably full of soda but nobody knows who fills it. And rather than selecting your beverage of choice, each button is a question mark. Creepy!

Pike Place is another eerie place in Seattle. Despite being iconic and one of Seattle’s most popular tourist destinations, Pike Place is known for eerie appearances of ghosts and spirits. In fact, there are even a few local bars and restaurants counted among the most haunted places in America!

Seattle’s Inexperienced Movers

Want to hear a real nightmare? Imagine hiring a packing service in Seattle that is inexperienced. Aside from the potential damages and other horrors, here’s the true nightmare: Having your stuff delivered to the wrong home.

Yep, it’s actually happened. Talk about a real-life nightmare! Luckily, Adam’s Moving Service will provide packing assistance for moving as well as residential packing services and residential moving services. And, we guarantee we’ll deliver things to your house, not your neighbor’s. In fact, we guarantee you’ll be thrilled with our Seattle moving services.


Seattle’s Underground Tunnels  

Did you know Seattle is built on top of a series of tunnels? Deep underneath modern Seattle are the remnants of the olden days, and you can take a tour of the tunnels.

But beware, the tunnels can be extremely spooky — and extremely dark — so you’ll only want to visit if you’re feeling extra brave.

Want to avoid a moving nightmare? Use Adam’s household goods packing services to let your move be less scary. Call us at 206-251-1725 to make sure your moving experience is smooth, not spooky.