Tips To Save Money While Moving in Seattle

So your apartment lease is up or you’ve put your house on the market. You’ve finally found the perfect neighborhood and it’s time to start planning the move. Maybe you’re upsizing, or moving to a more expensive part of Seattle. In either (or both) cases, there are a few ways to save some money to help you prepare for how life is going to change.

1. Plan Ahead!

seattle time is money

Before you go any further into this article, know that all of the below steps require you to give yourself time. As professional movers, we assure you that this is a win-win situation! Not only will planning ahead help reduce headaches and chaos on moving day, but you’ll actually have time to use the tricks below. Planning ahead means more than just picking a moving date. It means making sure you have the time to take care of details like scheduling when utilities are going to change over (no use paying for an extra month of cable!). And remember, hiring a professional service to help you can get the whole job done faster, more safely, and you don’t have to worry about renting and keeping track of dollies or other necessary equipment.

2. Donate to Charity

cluttered house moving day

As we’ve said before, moving is a great time to pare down your “stuff.” Ideally, you’ve planned enough time to thoroughly go through all of your belongings as you pack so that you can discard those jeans you haven’t worn in a decade, or the ugly rug that’s been sitting in the basement out of sight. Especially if you don’t have the time or patience for a yard sale (or it’s not yard sale weather in Washington), donations of clothing, household goods, or even non-perishable food can make for a substantial tax write-off. It’s fast, easy, and also benefits the community. Just make sure you get a receipt from the thrift store or nonprofit!

Bonus: the more items you purge, the less stuff you’ll have to actually move. Yes, this should be self-evident, but it also could even make a difference in the size of the moving truck and/or team that you’re going to need to take care of your household.

3. Sell Niche Items

Bulky, expensive items like that treadmill you promised yourself you’d use (but is now gathering dust) may be best put to use by selling to someone else on craigslist or a similar website. Be honest with yourself! The same goes for larger appliances or electronics. If you’re preparing to “empty the nest” or move into a retirement home, it’s also very important to go through your belongings and truly ask yourself: do I actually need this? The key here is to give yourself the time needed to honestly consider whether a material or emotional attachment to a belonging makes it worth bringing with you, or if it’s time to let go.

4. Avoid Cleaning Costs or Penalties

Seattle Saving Money Moving

Especially if you’ve signed a lease, remember that besides actually moving, you will also have to leave the place looking spotless in order to get the most of your deposit back. Many people underestimate how long this task can take! One thing that can be particularly helpful if you have the space is to utilize a portable storage unit.

This will give you the ample time that you will need to properly organize, pack, (including donating or selling extra possessions, of course) and deep clean your house.

Superficial damage to walls (scuffs or holes left from hanging art or mounting furniture) are a favorite way for landlords to deduct from your security deposit. Fortunately, a lot of cosmetic damage can be repaired yourself, even if you possess minimal tools or experience. Your local hardware store will have patch kits with putty, and degreasing supplies that can help get rid of scuffs or sticky adhesive residue. Don’t be intimidated, and ask the staff to help you find what’s right.

5. If You’ll Be Needing Professional Help, Consider the Optimal Time to Move

For fairly obvious reasons, summer is considered peak moving time. The peak of the peak time is the weekends closest to the beginning/ends of the month. Sometimes you don’t have much flexibility when it comes to moving dates, but if there’s any possibility of “wiggle room”, consider taking advantage of it! Particularly if you’re a homeowner or have a flexible landlord, it may be worth considering mid-month and/or mid-week moves if you need to hire a truck and team. At Adam’s moving service, we offer specials for exactly this reason! We’re here to help make moving easier, and we’ve succeeded for over ten years because we are careful, courteous, and always professional. Contact us now to get a free estimate.