5 Moving Hacks For Hot Weather

For those of us in the Northwest, there are a lot of reasons why moving in the summer is appealing, the most important of which may be the decreased likelihood of rain. The flipside of this is that moving during heat has its drawbacks too.

Hot Summer Moving Seattle

1. Start early

In the weeks before Moving Day, spend the time you need to make sure everything is properly organized and ready to go. Consider getting a mobile storage unit. This will minimize chaos and give you time to pack and label your stuff carefully. On moving day, having a pre-loaded storage unit can also help you to get started early, while the weather is at its coolest. Bonus: your possessions will also spend less time in a hot truck.

2. Dress Appropriately

It’s summertime: sandal weather. While we hope that no one is attempting to lift and carry heavy items up and down stairs while wearing flip flops, the obvious thing to say here is don’t wear flip flops. Even sturdy hiking sandals or water/rafting shoes are a bad idea. And please, don’t wear anything with a fabric or canvas top. To protect your feet (and the rest of your body) as well as the belongings you will damage if you trip, wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes like hiking or work boots if you have them.

3. Hydration and Self- Care

Moving is an energy-intensive activity, no matter what the weather. But in the summer, it's extremely important to make sure that you stay hydrated. Take a break every hour to make sure you eat, and always stop if you start feeling faint or dizzy! Leave out sandwiches, fruits, protein bars, or other easy-to-eat items that will give you quick energy without weighting you down. 

4. Plan for Heat-Sensitive Items

Set aside a special box for heat sensitive items like candles, artwork, and electronics. Big electronics like TVs should also never be exposed to heat for too long. And then there’s the food in your fridge! First of all, take advantage of this opportunity to throw out anything you don’t need. To avoid food spoilage, leave a cooler out to easily transfer the perishables you want to keep. For food safety reasons, placing refrigerated items to the cooler should be one of the last things you do before you leave.

5. Call A Moving Service

Moving during extremely hot (or cold) weather can make the job seem extra-daunting. Especially if you are heat-sensitive, consider hiring professional help. At Adam's Moving Service, we have over ten years of experience helping individuals and families make the moving process as easy as possible! Customers love our courteous, hard-working team. If the task of moving your household seems too daunting, contact us for a free estimate.