Considering Hiring Craigslist Movers? Read This First!

Whether you’re just relocating to one of Seattle’s best neighborhoods or are moving across the state, there’s a good chance you might need a helping hand. Eventually, we all outgrow that phase of life where all of our belongings fit in a hatchback, and not everyone owns a pickup truck or wants to do all the work themselves. Friends are one option, but there are a few reasons why professional help can be easier. They show up on time, you don’t have to feed them, they bring their own gear, and they have insurance in case they drop your 2,000$ TV.

Should You Get Help From Craigslist for Moving?

To save money, many people search the popular posting site Craigslist for help. On Craigslist, anyone can post their availability to perform a job or service, for free. While democratic, these systems also come with some unique considerations, made even more important by the nature of this particular job.

Are Craigslist Movers in Seattle Trustworthy?

Because anyone can post on Craigslist, you will by definition be working with anyone. Seattle can be an expensive place to live, and you might find yourself tempted by a fantastic-sounding deal for moving help. Because Seattle also happens to be a large city, you will probably have no idea about the backgrounds of the people you’re about to let into your home. Moving is, in a way, an intimate experience: strangers will be inside your residence, handling your most cherished items.

While most people have honest intentions, what if you get a bad apple? Dangers can run the risk from rude or unprofessional behavior, pilfering, or workers disappearing early, leaving you stranded. The most serious risk, however, is also due to the nature of the work. You could be exposed as a future “mark”, because the people who help you move will be familiar with your new address as well as what sort of belongings you have.

Do Your Craigslist Movers Have Insurance?

Perhaps you decided to hire professionals because it might be awkward if your best friend dropped your $2000 flatscreen. Or maybe you’re worried about who would cover the medical cost if a family member’s attempt to move your couch down a flight of stairs results in what could be politely described as an epic fail.

damaged property during moving seattle

One of the many benefits of real moving professionals is that they have insurance. Besides being more experienced at doing things like moving heavy furniture down flights of stairs, professional moving companies have insurance to cover both persons and property in the event there is an accident!  ​

Are You On a Strict Timeline?

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Between leases ending and just being a busy professional or family, many people find themselves with only a narrow window of time to move. For apartment owners, it’s important to get the job done with enough time left over to ensure you have time to thoroughly clean your old place to avoid losing your deposit.

For families moving out of a house that has sold, there may also be strict deadlines. Even if neither of these are huge problems, you may be unable to get time off from work, and there are only two days in a weekend!

The bottom line is that time is of the essence. Perhaps it wasn’t security risks or liability problems, but worries about friends showing up early enough to get the whole job done that spurred you to look for professional help. Indeed, experienced movers will move much faster, especially aided by having professional equipment like ramps and dollies. Hiring off of Craigslist to save a little money can backfire if the crew shows up late. If it’s not a professional company with public reviews, how would you know if the people you’re hiring are (among other things) punctual or not? Do you think your landlord will care?

When being out on time is important, consider again the advantages of hiring a real, professional moving company. If you’re curious about other tips about how to make your moves go more quickly and smoothly, read this post.

The Bottom Line: When it Comes to Moving Your Household, it’s Best to Trust the Professionals.

Although Craigslist can be tempting, there are so many unique factors in moving that if you’re going to hire help, it’s worth it to get real professionals. Adams moving service has been serving both the Seattle and Western Washington areas for over ten years, and that’s because we are professionals who know how much trust you’re placing in our hands, and our customers appreciate it! In fact, we recently won a top rating from, a large, non-profit customer review organization.

Contact us today and get a free estimate. And, if time is really of the essence, we also offer express moving services!