Seattle Moving Guide: 5 Safest Neighborhoods in Seattle

When thinking about where you want to live in the Seattle area, safety should be one of your main concerns. Seattle, Washington’s largest city, is generally a safe place with a population of almost 750,000. Neighborhoods with low crime ratings, great police stations, and secure parks are some features to look for so that you and your family will be able to live with peace of mind.

It’s also nice to live in a neighborhood where friendly people watch out for each other, especially when considering your children. Ready to make the move to one of these neighborhoods? Adam’s Moving Company in Seattle if your best choice for Seattle residential movers. Let us get you moved in today!
Here are the top 5 safest neighborhoods in Seattle:

5. 3rd Ave NW to NW 125th St.​

This coastal neighborhood is a popular place to live. Rentals start around $2400, so it's vital to have decent money if you want to live here. In the 98177 zip code, it’s estimated that violent crime is 12 percent lower than the national average, which is good news. Property crimes tend to be a little higher, considering that it’s a wealthy area where people own high-value homes and possessions. This might include high-end vehicles, expensive technology, and electronics. As long as you take the proper precautions to secure your home with a security system, you should be fine.

It’s considered the Broadview neighborhood, which has a terrific community website that links to their police force and civic services. They will be opening a brand new North Precinct District of the Seattle Police force at N. 130th St and Aurora Ave in 2017. Public safety and community monitoring are important parts of this Seattle area.

Broadview has lower-than-average crime, so if you’re wanting to get somewhere safe and secure, call the best moving company in the Seattle area, Adam’s Moving.

4. Magnolia Blvd to 36th Ave W

Magnolia is another nice coastal area to live in that’s very safe. This is the second largest neighborhood in Seattle, with almost 20,000 residents. In the 98199 zip code, you’ll find that the violent crime rate is also 12 percent lower than the national average. Property crime is also the majority of the crime that is committed in this location.

This place is served by the West Precinct of the Seattle Police Department. Captain Mike Teeter is the chief of police here and has been since 2014 keeping a careful watch over the neighborhood. The SPD Blotter of the West Precinct will tell residents what kind of crimes have been committed in the area and things to watch out for that are newsworthy.

3. 28th Ave SW to SW 102nd St​

In the 98146 zip code, you’ll find it has 12 percent lower than the national average on violent crimes. There are more property crimes rather than violent ones. This area does have a 12 percent vacancy rate, which is higher than many other neighborhoods in Seattle.

This college-friendly area is home to many students which tends to increase the crime rate a bit. Things like drunk driving and noise complaints are more common than actual violent crimes, but overall this area ranks very high for safety.

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2. Bryn Mawr

98178 is considered Bryn Mawr-Skyway with a population of almost 16,000 residents. As the second most safe neighborhood in Seattle, you aren’t going to find a lot of crime here. Violent crime is still 12 percent lower than the national average here, with property crimes making up most of the offenses.

1. Lake City​

Lake City is by far the number one safest place to live in the Seattle area. This is a very small strip of almost entirely coastal land that’s very expensive to live in. It’s mostly single-family homes and small apartments. In 98125 you’ll find a mix of professionals who are raising children in this nice area.

Lake City Live is a fun blog that has a section devoted to crimes that occur in this neighborhood. It’s mostly about reporting what kind of crimes haven’t occurred, or minor crimes such as flag stealing on September 11th.

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