The Best Breweries in Seattle

While he likely never said it, Benjamin Franklin is widely credited with the following quote:


Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Benjamin FranklinBeer Lover

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The origins of this statement remain shrouded in mystery, but its meaning is not. Americans loved beer back then and they love it today. Let’s face it, beer is awesome. On your next trip to Seattle, stop by a local brewery and taste some of the finest beers in the Pacific Northwest.

When you, the beer lover, visit Seattle, you need to know the best places to grab a cold one. How can you do this? Most likely, you’ll pull out your phone or hop on your computer and type in “Best Breweries in Seattle.” You’ll get more than a few results. How do you narrow down your list? For the purposes of this article, the breweries are ranked by the highest average rating on Google. When two breweries received a perfect 5.0, the one with the one with the most reviews was deemed the winner.

Fremont Brewing

Fremont Brewing (5.0, 4 reviews). This is a very popular and casual brewery that serves pretzels and a variety of seasonal ales. Fremont Brewing is kid and pet friendly.

Sunshine and Friday and Beer–yes, please! We hope to see you soon! Tomorrow for @washingtonbeer Open House, we’ll have a 3-year vertical of Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star on tap! $1 off year-round and seasonal pints for WABL members. Cheers!

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Jellyfish Brewing Company

​Jellyfish Brewing Company (5.0, 3 reviews). Jellyfish is a relatively new brewery located in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. Stop by for one of its many acclaimed brews.

First Mash! Ever!

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Elysian Airport Way Brewery

​Elysian Airport Way Brewery (5.0, 2 reviews). This is the location of the breweries production center and is not open to the public. Don’t despair, you can visit them at their other locations around the city including the breweries in Capitol Hill, Tangletown, and at Elysian Fields and Elysian Bar in town.

Hey Seattle – Elysian’s participating in #DiningOutForLife! Next Thursday 4/27, join us at our Capitol Hill or Tangletown for dinner! Shrimp Plate – chipotle orange cream, arroz verde, and pickled jicama? Yes, please! 30% of all dinner sales will be donate to @Lifelong_wa!

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Lagunitas Brewing Company

​Lagunitas Brewing Company (5.0, 1 review). Lagunitas is based out of California, but has a strong presence in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a popular brew in many bars and restaurants in Seattle.

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery

​Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery (4.9, 54 reviews). This is a unique, member owned and operated brewery in Seattle. You can invest in the company, become a part owner, and even craft your own beer.

Georgetown Brewing

​Georgetown Brewing (4.9, 66 reviews). Georgetown serves a number of beers that are brewed in-house. They have full-time, part-time, and seasonal beers. You’ll find plenty to drink at Georgetown Brewing.

16 beers on tap for Beveridge Place Pub’s Anniversary!! when you see it…

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Lowercase Brewing

Lowercase Brewing (4.9, 16 reviews). Lowercase Brewing is sold at many restaurants and bars around Seattle. They sell several beers, from summer shandy, mexican lager, and brown ale to irish stout, pale ale, and squash ale. They also make their own lemonade and limeade for the kids.

Something’s new.

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Schooner Exact Brewing Company

​Schooner Exact Brewing Company (4.8, 66 reviews). Schooner is a brewery and restaurant. The company originated in 2006 and opened up a brewery and family-friendly restaurant in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle in 2012.

Hellbent Brewing Company

Hellbent Brewing Company (4.8, 52 reviews). Hellbent is known for their crisp, bold beers and for their food truck. The taproom is open 7 days a week and you must be 21 years of age or older to enter. Stop in for a beer and visit their website to find their food truck.​

Head Brewer Brian Young tapping some casks for the #WaBeer #caskfestival

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Perihelion Brewery

Perihelion Brewery (4.8, 31 reviews). Sitting at the crest of Beacon Hill, Perihelion is worth the hike. Head brewer Les McAuliffe is an award winning beer master who has been brewing since 1998.

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Reuben’s Brews

​Reuben’s Brews (4.7, 124 reviews). Reuben’s serves beer in its tap room and sells kegs to go. They also serve food.Holy Mountain Brewing Company (4.7, 92 reviews) Located in the Interbay neighborhood of Seattle, Holy Mountain is a well-visited tap room and brewery. They serve up a number of oak-inspired beers.

Kentucky Common, our dark rye sour, is back on tap! And as we open at 11am every day we’re open for lunch! Coney Island pizza is with us today. Cheers!

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Holy Mountain Brewing Company

Holy Mountain Brewing Company (4.7, 92 reviews) Located in the Interbay neighborhood of Seattle, Holy Mountain is a well-visited tap room and brewery. They serve up a number of oak-inspired beers.

Today in the Taproom we’ll have bottles of Abscission available for on-site consumption. Oh, and we also have a rad new OX t-shirt! Only available in the Taproom.

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Stoup Brewing

​Stoup Brewing (4.7, 75 reviews) Stoup was founded by two scientists who wanted to blend their love for chemistry with their love for beer. They have a large tap room and sell kegs, growlers, and merchandise.

Just in time for a sunny spring weekend, #AmericanWheat now on tap. Plus a #cask of #fistbump2017, our #CBC collab with @fremontbrewing @cloudburstbrew @ychhops & @countrymalt is on the bar tonight followed by a cask of #porter tomorrow!

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Flying Lion Brewery

​Flying Lion Brewery (4.7, 21 reviews). Flying Lion Brewery serves delicious, well-rounded brews in South Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood.

We’re open on Memorial Day!

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