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Moving can be stressful for anyone, but it is particularly challenging for seniors. Because moving is a physically and mentally strenuous task, seniors often need help relocating from one area to another. Hiring a moving company specializing in senior moving services, such as Adam’s Moving Service, takes the stress out of moving. You can relax while our friendly team handles all your relocating needs.

What are senior moving services?

Whether you’re planning to relocate to a new city or state or downsizing, senior moving services are designed to assist aging adults with any life-changing event.

What services do senior moving companies typically offer?

Companies that offer moving for seniors provide many of the same services as a traditional moving company, such as packing assistance, labor-only services, moving truck services, and furniture moving and delivery. However, moving companies that offer senior moving services know how to tailor their services to fit the specific needs of their clients.

Because each senior has different needs, a moving service will often assess their situation, discuss their moving goals, and devise a plan to help their client relocate. We offer various services at Adam’s Moving Services, which can be tailored to meet any situation. Whether you’re a senior moving into a senior care facility, moving in with family, or moving into a retirement home, our highly recommended moving company will assist you with all your needs.

How can I find professional movers who specialize in assisting seniors with their moves?

There are several ways to find movers who specialize in assisting seniors. First, ask any friends or relatives who they have used to relocate and how their experience went. After all, referrals from a trusted source are typically the best place to start looking for a moving company.

Online review websites, such as Google and Yelp, also compile information on moving companies and are an excellent resource for finding companies offering to move seniors. Users can leave detailed reviews of their experience with a particular moving company, which is helpful when looking for specific occasions and situations.

Lastly, consider any moving companies that you have previously used. Many moving companies, such as Adam’s Moving Service, can create a specific moving plan based on your needs. We recognize that seniors have specific requirements and concerns, and we can cater our services based on your needs. Whether you need furniture movers for relocation or downsizing into a smaller space, our compassionate and caring movers respect your items and can safely assist you with anything.

How far in advance should I start planning and arranging for senior moving assistance?

Being well-prepared always pays off when it comes to moving. If you have the advantage of knowing your moving date far in advance, it’s always best to start getting ready. We recommend preparing at least two months before the big day, but knowing your moving day that far in advance might not always be possible.

It can feel overwhelming to plan for a move, but we recommend breaking it down into a few simple steps. First, consider the new home where you will live and how much space you’ll have. This will help you determine what you need to pack and if you need to downsize before you move into your new space. Also, consider what the floor plan of your new space will look like because this will help you pack and label your boxes accordingly. Other factors to consider are how much room you have for storage, how much of your space will be shared, and any other modifications you need to make for safety during the move.

Are there any specific considerations or accommodations that movers should be aware of when assisting seniors?

As you can imagine, there are several specific considerations to consider when companies provide moving assistance for seniors. Here are just a few things that movers should keep in mind when helping a senior relocate:

  • Consider emotions – Every senior who is in the process of moving is undergoing a transition they likely haven’t had to face in years. Some seniors are moving out of a home where they have lived for decades. Others may be moving because of losing a loved one or a health issue. No matter why you may be moving as a senior, it’s essential to find a moving company that will keep this in mind and behave accordingly while helping you relocate.
  • Seniors have specific needs – Seniors often need to downsize before relocating in their later years. And in many cases, seniors need a helping hand or two during this process. Many seniors who are relocating and need to downsize have assistance from family members. However, if you need assistance, make sure the moving company you hire is considerate of your situation and will help you downsize with dignity.
  • Seniors often have limited budgets – Many seniors are on a fixed income and don’t have much wiggle room for an expensive room. Movers should offer services and plans that fit easily into a senior’s budget.
  • Movers need to make communication key – Any experienced mover knows communication is critical to a successful move. And this is especially true for those providing moving for seniors. You’ll want to expect clear, constant communication with a moving company. Seniors should know as many details as possible and feel in charge of the move. In addition, up-front prices and transparency with contracts and costs are critical. Because this is a difficult transition period, movers should always seek to provide clear communication.

Can the moving company assist with downsizing and decluttering before the move?

Many senior moving companies specialize in assisting with downsizing and decluttering before a move. When a senior lives in one place for an extended period of time, their home is bound to be full of memories and items they love. Moving companies that offer senior moving services understand that it can be difficult for seniors to go through this transition, and they offer their services to seniors to make their lives a little easier.

Are there any special transportation needs or considerations for moving seniors with mobility challenges or medical equipment?

Some moving companies specialize in relocating seniors with medical challenges or medical equipment. Medical transport may be necessary in some cases, such as long-distance travel. In those cases, contacting a medical transport company offering seniors medical transportation services is best. These professional companies are often staffed by drivers and assistants, such as nurses or EMTs (emergency medical technicians).

If you have questions about moving specific medical equipment that you own, give Adam’s Moving Service a call. We’ll be able to answer any questions about this necessary medical equipment and if we can move it as part of our moving services.

What is the average cost of hiring movers for a senior move?

In many cases, the average cost of hiring movers for a senior move is the same rate. Some companies may even offer a discount for senior moving services. While it’s difficult to say an average rate that many companies stick to, it’s effortless to get a quote for your moving day. For a free quote from Adam’s Moving Service, contact us or call us! We’ll answer any questions, review all the services you need, and provide a quick, accurate, and upfront price. Not only are we one of the highest-rated Seattle moving services, but we’re also one of the most affordable. Give us a call today!