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Moving is one of life’s most stressful experiences, but hiring a moving company can make the process significantly easier. If you have a move planned soon and are interested in hiring a moving company, you may be overwhelmed by the number of moving companies. So how do you narrow the search to find the right moving company for you, and how do you know which Seattle moving companies are the best? Here are a few of our tips.

Research Local Moving Companies

The search for a Kirkland moving company begins by researching all the local moving companies in your area. Of course, knowing exactly where you’re moving and the services you’ll need is helpful. For example, are you looking for a moving company to help you move across the city, or do you need one to help you move across the state or even the country?

Next, make a list of what services you’ll need help with. Do you need help packing and moving, or are you looking for a company to haul your boxes for you? Also, do you have any large furniture items that need a specialty moving service, such as a piano? Taking the time to determine what services you’ll need will help narrow down your search.

Read Local Moving Company Reviews

One of the best resources for finding a local moving company you can trust is online. Reading online reviews can be helpful and insightful. These reviews will give you a good idea of experiences (good and bad) from other recent moves with a particular moving company. Thankfully, there are many websites where you can read reviews of local moving companies, such as Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, and more. You may also want to consider reviewing Better Business Bureau ratings. Reviewing a comprehensive list of online reviews should give you an idea of how the company operates and which one will be the best fit for you.

Ask Your Local Movers Questions

Once you’ve narrowed your search for local movers, you’ll want to ask the company some specific questions. Interviewing a moving company will not only help you find the one perfect for the job, but it will also help you know what to expect on a moving day. Here are some suggested questions to ask:

  • How long will my move take?

  • Are you a properly licensed local moving company?

  • What liability coverage options does your moving company offer?

  • How does your moving company handle claims and damages?

  • Does your moving company have a cancellation policy?

  • Do you have any restricted items that you are not allowed to move?

Of course, you’ll likely have many more questions about your specific move, which we suggest you also ask.

Are There Hidden Fees with Moving Companies

Some small business moving companies offer non-binding estimates, which could be subject to change based on the actual costs of the move. For example, if your move requires more hours than was estimated, you could be paying more than what was originally quoted. If you want to avoid being surprised by any unknown charges, find a company that offers binding estimates. This will ensure that your move’s cost will not exceed the original cost estimate you were given. Lastly, ensure your quote clearly shows and defines all services and charges.

Start Boxing Everything Up! 

Ready to get moving? It’s time to start packing up! Once you’ve found the moving company and your day is set, it’s time to get ready. Whether you’re packing yourself or hiring a moving company to do the packing for you, you can do a few things to get ready for the big move day. First, sort your belongings and make a pile to donate or sell. Getting rid of your unused stuff will help to save you time and money in the long run, and you’ll have less to unpack later. Pro-tip: pack yourself a first night box full of essential items you need for the first night in your new home, such as a change of clothes, towels, toiletries, electronic chargers, and more.

Book Your Moving Day with Adam’s Moving Service

If you’re looking for professional moving services in Seattle, you can trust Adam’s Moving Service to get the job done. We offer various packing services, including full packing assistance, and even take the extra step to protect your furniture with double-quilted furniture pads. Our courteous movers are fully licensed, insured, and well-trained to handle all your belongings. Count on our Seattle movers for a smooth, seamless, stress-free moving day. Give Adam’s Moving Service a call today!