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4 Great Tips For Moving Into Your First Adult Home

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The average 30-year-old has moved six times, but the majority of those moves, if not all of them, aren’t exactly moving from home to home. You probably moved a few times throughout your 20s, but they were into broken down dorm rooms, old apartments, and, possibly, back into your parent’s house. That’s totally fine — but now it’s time for your first adult move.

Moving into a college frat house is easy: bring a case a beer, a pile of clothes, and a pillow. Those days — thankfully — are behind you, and it’s time to start acting and living like a responsible adult.

Here are some great tips for moving into your first home:

  • Work with local moving services — No matter how much stuff you have to bring with you, experienced movers can help you out and save you plenty of moving-related stress. Rather than asking a few of your buddies for moving help, consider reaching out to professional local moving services.
  • Handle all the basics — At least two or three weeks prior to your move, make sure you handle all the logistical aspects of relocating. Change your address, cancel your utilities, and set up everything for your new address.
  • Pack a “first day box” — You should already be packing up the majority of your belongings, but make sure you keep certain items in a specific box that you can open up as soon as you begin settling in. Toss in a shower curtain and rings, toilet paper, a lamp, dinnerware, and a few trash bags.
  • Change your locks — Changing the locks on your new home guarantees your safety and gives you an opportunity to think about other security measures for your new location. Additionally, as soon as your locks are changed, make sure to keep a spare copy or two hidden someone safe and out of sight just in case you lose your keys.

If you are preparing for your first big move and want to work with local moving services in the Seattle area, give Adam’s Moving Service a call today!