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Making Your Move: 3 Ways To Ensure A Smooth And Painless Move On The Big Day

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Did you know that the average American moves around 12 times throughout their lives? Since moving is such a hectic and stressful experience, creating the smoothest move possible — especially on the big day — is crucial to your peace of mind. Relying on a moving company is the best way to start; you’ve got so many other things to consider (like switching off your utilities, packing the entire contents of your home and life, and cleaning until your arms fall off), so leaving the actual work to experienced movers is simply the smarter choice. Preparing for the final day is a great way to ensure that the final leg of this undoubtedly long race to your new home will be as smooth and pain-free as possible: let’s take a look at three ways to get ready.

  • Reserve the elevator: If you live in an apartment building or high-rise condo, make sure to discuss the date and time you’ll be moving out with your landlord in advance. The moving process is already a lengthy one; the last thing you want is to have to wait for other tenants and visitors to ride the elevator because you forgot to reserve it. Most rental buildings have no problem giving you exclusive access, permitting you’ve asked far enough ahead of time.
  • Salt the paths: Though most people choose to move in the sweltering heat of the summer, leases aren’t uniform. If you’re moving in the winter months, you can help your movers out by salting any paths and driveways they’ll be using before they arrive. This ensures the safety of everybody involved, particularly furniture movers who are hefting large pieces around, and can keep the day moving at a reasonable speed.
  • Organize: By keeping boxes together based on which room they contain, you can streamline the unpacking portion of your moving venture. Movers tend to work methodically, so if you have all of your living room boxes tucked together, they’ll be loaded and unloaded in the same way. Furniture movers, however, will pack things based on size and shape (but furniture is easier to recognize, so that’s not so bad).

By working together with your movers, you can guarantee a stress-free moving day. Simply follow the above tips and watch as everything works out the way it should.