3 Tips to Help Make Your Move a Breeze

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You finally did it. You have finally found the perfect place to live. Whether it’s an apartment, a house, or something in between, you are excited to move into your new place. But suddenly, you are feeling overwhelmed because moving can be very stressful.

On average, people who have reached the age of 30 have moved six times throughout their lives. That being said, moving is very common, so you are not the only one with the moving day woes. Although moving may seem like an impossible feat to some, there are many tips and tricks to make the process much easier. Here are three of those to help you do just that.

Make a List
There are so many things going through your mind, and that’s normal. You have a whole house to pack up and move to a new one. The best way to keep your head on your shoulders is to make a list. Create a spreadsheet or even use a notebook, and write everything down. What rooms do you want to pack up first? What items did you put in what box? Write it all down.

Look Into Moving Companies
Movers can make all the difference when you are making your trek from one residence to the next. Furniture movers are a life saver, especially when you don’t have a ton of strong friends available to help. Moving furniture can take a long time, but movers are there to turn hours into minutes. You will have much more time to organize and keep track of items when furniture movers are there to worry about the heavy lifting.

Color Code Everything
When you have to organize box upon box in your new home, it can be difficult and confusing. In the chaos of moving, typically, boxes get placed wherever there is room. If you color code the boxes, you will be able to keep everything organized. Make all the kitchen boxes blue and all the bedroom boxes red, for example. Using stickers or colored markers can be a life saver when you’re moving.

Moving can get crazy, but there’s no need to worry. Make a list of your to-do items, hire furniture movers, and color code your boxes to make your moving day go off without a hitch.