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Move Smart, Not Hard: How to Save Time and Your Back During the Big Move

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The mere mention of moving can bring traumatic flashbacks of sweaty afternoons chucking stuff into a poorly ventilated college dorm with a mob of others doing the exact same. You’re all grown up now and the mental image of moving still carries an aura of groan-inducing difficulty.

Sure, it’s not a glamorous process, but there are ways you aren’t thinking of that will make the process so much easier for you, you’ll be shocked at how seamless it is. Moving services are on your side, so listen to a few helpful hints that’ll take the back-ache out of moving.

Plan it out better

One fell swoop. That’s what you need. Moving companies will tell new and experienced movers that doing everything at once is the best way to go. When you choose to do the swoop is key. Statistics report that Friday is the busiest moving day in the industry with 19.45% happening on Fridays in 2016. This is telling because people try to squeeze a move in during the weekend between their work schedules. That’s a recipe for haphazard, rushed work and exhaustion. You’re rushed and the moving industry is overloaded. Try a weekday or two. Take a personal day and get your move on while the industry isn’t as busy and everyone else is in the office, you’d be surprised at how much time you’ll save.

Let the pros do the heavy lifting

Sometimes it’s best for moving services to handle the bulky and heavy stuff. They’re the pros, leave it to them. Plus moving always reveals the amount of little stuff you’ve stockpiled over the years, so you’ll have your hands full organizing and packing all that anyway. The king sized headboard and three section sofa? Let professional moving services deal with it. You’re on a team with them aiming for the same goal, let them maneuver the awkward stuff.

Take a vacation

If you really don’t want to be bothered by any of the moving process, there’s always the option of letting moving services take care of the whole thing. From packing to loading to transport to unloading to unpacking, you’re covered. You might as well take a little family trip. Pack what you need and skip town for a few days and return to your move being complete. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Almost magical.

Whatever you’re planning for your upcoming move, do a little brainstorming ahead of time and don’t hesitate to contact moving services. They can help you plan your move if you’re not sure where to begin. It’s a big step to take, but your new home is right around the corner and you’ve got people on your side to help get your new hearth even cozier than before.