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Moving can be a stressful time. From having so much to do and remember, it can be tough to balance it all on your own. If you’ve utilized a storage unit during your move or during the time you spent in your neighborhood and are looking for some quick tips from your friendly residential movers, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are three of our top-notch tips to making your storage unit move smooth and easy. Check it out!

First, Give Advance Notice to Your Storage Unit

Most storage units require advance notice before you move your items out. Rather than risk a fee, plan ahead and set a specific date for your move out, then let the storage unit know.

If you plan on using residential moving services, be sure to schedule them in advance. Let them know your move-out date, and have them at your storage unit at the same time you are to avoid paying for time you aren’t using.

Second, Have a Place Ready for Your Stuff

Having a plan in place for where your items will be going is crucial.

If you’re moving your things to a house or apartment, consider residential movers. They will be able to quickly and efficiently move your items, and it will save you time. Plus, not having to carry heavy items like couches makes the cost worth the money!

Another advantage of using household movers is that they can make your move efficient and fast. Since they are professional movers, they know how to get things out of your unit and into your new place quickly.

Third, Fully Move Everything Out

Last, be sure to get everything out of your storage unit. You may be charged a moving fee if you leave things behind, or a cleaning fee if your unit is left in a bad condition.

It will pay to take a few extra minutes to check the ground for any small items you may have missed. Bring a broom and sweep your rental unit out.

Using residential moving services is convenient because they will help ensure you get everything out. Having multiple people helping with your move will allow you to get everything done faster and much easier.

Adam’s Household Movers Are Here to Help

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We have friendly and professional household movers ready to take care of your every need – and every box – so you can focus on other things. Let us take the stress out of moving — contact us today!