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When it’s time to move, there are so many things to consider and life can get stressful, not to mention expensive.

Luckily, Adam’s Moving Service in Seattle, WA, has a few tips and tricks for saving money on truck rental costs to make your life a bit easier during your move.

First, Plan Ahead

Most rental truck services charge a cost for truck rental as well as a per-mile fee. This means you don’t want to be taking the scenic route to your new destination.

It also means you’ll want to rent a truck as close to your move-in or move-out place to avoid paying costly mileage fees.

Always be sure to take a photo or write down the mileage on the odometer when you rent the truck as well as when you return it so you don’t pay any extra on miles.

Always Return the Moving Truck on Time

Another way to save money is simple – don’t be late! Many moving truck companies have hefty fees if you don’t bring the truck back by the time you’ve agreed to.

Be sure to bring enough help to get the job done on time. Need help? Adam’s Moving Services in Seattle has moving professionals ready to help with your moving jobs, no matter how big or small.

Declutter So You Have Less Stuff to Pack

Another great idea is to declutter your items before moving. If you have anything to throw out or donate, do it. If you find things you haven’t used in years — or that you didn’t know you had, move on from them.

How does this help save money on rental trucks? It means you can rent a smaller truck. Trucks are usually more expensive as they get bigger, so having less stuff means renting a smaller truck which means spending less money.

You may consider hiring moving services to help declutter, especially if you’re getting rid of heavy items like old furniture.

Look for Coupons and Price Matches

Many truck rentals offer coupons. A quick internet search can often reveal coupon codes you can use to reserve a truck online, and some can save you serious money!

Along those same lines, moving truck rental companies often price match. This means you can find the lowest price and try and match it at your rental place of choice.

Adam’s Can Help You Move Quickly and Easily

Adam’s Moving Services in Seattle can help you get your moving job done quickly, which will save you money and time on your truck rental. Come see how we can make your move smooth and easy.

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