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As the New Year starts to creep in it’s to make some new changes. For some that can include polishing their resume and finding a new career, writing that fantasy novel you’ve always wanted, or deciding to stick to a new diet. An even more exciting change could be planning a move to someplace like Seattle. Before deciding to hire a Seattle moving company, there are a few tips that can help craft the best plan including enlisting packing assistance for moving. 

1. Declutter all Your Items

Even if you’re planning on moving into a bigger apartment or house in Seattle, it’s still a good idea to declutter all your current items. Separate essentials from non-essentials, hold a yard sale, donate items to friends and family, and throw everything else. This can maximize space and save you money when hiring a residential packing service.

2. Organizing Your Belongings

For optimal household goods packing services, you’ll definitely want to enlist the help of a moving company. Some general tips, however, include packing similar items together, investing in sturdy boxes, and making sure any fragile items are tightly secured and/or wrapped.

3. Take Care of Any Remaining Affairs

You’ll want to carve out time to take care of any remaining affairs you may have at your old residence. Whether it’s family or friend-related, job-related, or simply visiting that fusion restaurant you always wanted to try. 

4. Setting up Utilities for Arrival

Once you walk into your new Seattle house or apartment, you’ll want to make sure crucial that all your necessary utilities have been set-up in advance.

4. Prepare Your Place for the Move

You’ll want to make sure your place is prepared for when residential movers enter. The moving day might be chaotic and there’s a chance the movers can track dirt or damage the floors. Damage to floors in particular can be bad as it might cause you to forfeit your security deposit. A quick solution can include covering all the paths with plastic wrap.

5. Choose the Best Moving Service

Of course, the best plan for moving to Seattle involves choosing the best moving service. There are plenty of services available including packing services in Seattle. A good choice, however, is Adam’s Moving Service.

Call Adam’s Moving Service

Crafting the best plan for a move to Seattle includes decluttering and organizing your items, taking care of any remaining affairs, setting up utilities for arrival, preparing your place for the move, and choosing the best moving service. In particular, choosing the right moving service is key. Luckily, Adam’s Moving Service can with their expert residential moving services. You can contact Adam’s Moving Service to learn more about their rates