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Moving furniture can be physically demanding, stressful, and potentially dangerous. Adam’s Moving Service offers safe, professional, and convenient furniture moving and delivery. However, you may have a few questions. What are furniture moving services? What do they include, and are they worth it? In this post, we’ll explore these topics in more detail and answer any questions you have.

Hire the Best Furniture Movers and Furniture Delivery Company in Seattle

Regarding furniture moving services and excellent customer service, Adam’s Moving Service is the best in Washington State. Whether your moving needs are commercial or residential, our top-rated services will ensure your pieces are transported safely and efficiently to where they need to go. Contact us today or find us online for more information and pricing.

What Are Furniture Moving Services?

Furniture moving services are exactly what they sound like: we move your furniture from one place to another. Large, heavy, or awkward furniture pieces can be hazardous to move and may cause injury or damage if you don’t have enough people or proper techniques. Furniture movers provide sufficient manpower and use best practices and safe methods to protect your furniture and property. Furniture moving services are most helpful for heavy items such as:

  • Oversized sectionals
  • Game tables
  • Heavy appliances
  • Heirloom pieces
  • Pianos
  • King-size beds

Furniture moving services are especially beneficial when navigating stairs, narrow hallways, and doorframes. Professional furniture movers adequately protect both furniture and walls from damage. At Adam’s Moving Service, we provide professional furniture moving services for:

What Do Professional Furniture Delivery Services Include?

Furniture moving services can be labor-only, where professional movers move and load pieces from homes or businesses. Services can also be more comprehensive and include assembly or disassembly, packing, loading and unloading, transportation, set up, and placement, which is explored in more detail below.

Fully licensed and insured companies like Adam’s Moving Service also include free handling insurance for services. For labor-only jobs, handling insurance covers professional laborers while actively loading and unloading your goods. Insurance will extend to travel and unloading when you hire a company’s full-service moving team, which means the company uses its trucks and is responsible for packing and unloading your goods at the destination. In addition to cautious moving techniques, companies have insurance upgrade options to protect your new or used furniture.

Assembly and Disassembly

Furniture movers will find the best and most efficient way to move furniture, which sometimes means disassembling pieces. If you need help disassembling furniture pieces, such as removing legs on tables or couches or breaking down beds, professional Seattle movers can help. They will also help re-assemble furniture at the destination as needed or assemble newly purchased furniture at your home or office.

Furniture movers bring all the necessary moving supplies for large items but sometimes need access to specific tools. If possible, look at what you want disassembled beforehand and have the tools on hand.

Loading and Unloading

Strong, capable movers make unloading or loading a breeze. Whether you have a truck or storage pod or require a full-service moving package, furniture movers can load and unload furniture quickly and safely.


Full furniture moving services include transportation to or from a specific location. Trusted movers offer a range of truck sizes to best fit your needs and your things. Modern moving trucks equipped with air ride suspension ensure safe transport. Transportation also means that your precious goods are correctly packaged and protected with thick, double-quilted padding. Furniture transportation can include:

  • To/from a new home, apartment, or office space
  • From a furniture store – we deliver new items from stores, warehouses, and distribution centers around the area
  • To/from an off-site storage unit

Furniture Setup and Placement

Adam’s Moving Service is also happy to help set up and place furniture in any room or space you want. It helps to know where you want to put items on moving day so our team can assist you as conveniently and efficiently as possible.

When Can I Use Professional Furniture Delivery Services?

You can use professional furniture delivery services whenever you need to move furniture and lack the time or means necessary. Whether you need a truck or a few helping hands, professional movers get the job done quickly and on your schedule. Instead of carving out a whole day for moving and assembling furniture pieces or having volunteer help that may not employ the best practices, you can hire professional services and do it in as little as a few hours.

New Furniture Purchases

Furniture movers are also an excellent option for transporting newly purchased furniture, especially when other delivery services are unavailable. Furniture deliverers can transport furniture from a variety of places, including:

  • Distribution centers
  • Warehouses
  • Retail stores

Furniture Movers and Deliverers Make It Easier

Furniture movers make it more convenient and stress-free whether you need furniture delivered for a residential or commercial move.