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Are Portable Storage Units Worth It?

For most households, moving is a complicated, often headache-inducing process. The older we get, the more stuff we accumulate, especially if your household includes children. Once you’ve taken the plunge and decided to re-locate, it’s time to get your moving “A-game” in motion; don’t underestimate how much time you’ll need to pack! The process of getting everything organized, packed, moved and unpacked is a logistical challenge for even the most seasoned nomads--especially once there’s a whole family involved. The bottom line is that to keep your sanity, you need to do everything possible to remove stress from the equation at every opportunity. Besides having boxes, labels, and a packing “system” in place, consider how much self-storage units can simplify the process.

Portable Storage Units: Pack On Your Own Timeline

Especially if you’re part of a busy family, a renting a portable storage unit is a great way to allow you to minimize the chaos of moving. We recommend giving yourself at least a month before the move-out date to order a portable unit and have it delivered to your property. You will then have more time to organize, pack, and store all of the non-essentials first. To maximize benefits of the portable unit, try to have it completely packed and ready to be delivered to your new destination a few days before the main event.

Having a more flexible packing schedule can also be a great opportunity to carefully go through the basement, closets, and/or attic and donate anything you’ve outgrown or don’t use anymore. Moving is always a great time to do this! Additionally, having a storage unit for a few weeks before moving day will give you the time you need to carefully organize and wrap up valuable and breakable items. Finally, let’s not forget the most important perk of all: the more you’ve done ahead of time, the less rushing on moving day! 

Still Need More Space? Consider Using a Storage Unit Long-Term

Of course, if you’re getting married, having a child, or you’re going to need the garage for parking instead of storage, a storage unit can be surprisingly cost-effective alternative to buying or renting a bigger apartment or house. On the other hand, if you’re moving somewhere new, consider retaining a storage unit to help your house/garage/property stay clutter-free. Bulky, seasonal items are a great place to start. If storage space is at a premium in your new garage, for example, store skis in the unit in the summer, and mountain bikes in the winter. The same thing goes for BBQ grills, camping or fishing equipment, sleds, etc.

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