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Residential Moving

Adam’s Moving Service is now offering residential moving services to individuals who are moving to or from a new home in Seattle and the surrounding regions of western Washington state.

At Adam’s Moving Service, we take pride in our conscientious and careful approach to moving.

We understand that your belongings are more than just a box or a piece of furniture; each item is a memory, a part of your life, an element of your home. So we take extra care to ensure that each and every item is handled with extreme care. We protect and secure all furniture items and other large objects with thick double quilted furniture pads straps. Our moving team will also use caution to avoid damaging your home during the move. After all, there are few things more disappointing than discovering that your brand-new home’s walls or doors have been damaged by the movers!

In addition, our company is fully licensed and insured, so you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are in good hands! We also have 6 new moving trucks available to assist with your residential move: 20-feet, 24-feet and 26-feet. Contact Adam’s Moving Service today to schedule your upcoming residential move. We service a 50 mile radius around Seattle at this time.

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