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Three Packing Myths To Leave Behind During Your Next Move

experienced moversAs experienced movers know, a good move starts with good planning, and good planning starts with good packing. A well-packed, well-labeled boxing system makes it easier for movers to transport your items safely, and it can help you unpack intelligently when you arrive at your new home.


But what makes a well-packed box? Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions that surround proper packing technique. Before you even think about breaking out the packing tape, be sure you’re not believing or obeying these three frustrating packing myths:


Packing Myth #1: The Box Doesn’t Really Matter


Moving companies see it all the time– rather than purchasing high-quality boxes in a few different sizes, families try to save a buck by picking up free boxes discarded behind stores. While free boxes sometimes work for small, light items, having a mismatched assortment of boxes can make loading the moving truck or the back of your car a total nightmare. Additionally, boxes found outdoors are not always sturdy. Fragile boxes can rip at the worst times, damaging your belongings and delaying your move. For a smoother transition, choose high-quality moving boxes designed to meet your packing needs.


Packing Myth #2: You Don’t Need Specific Labels


In an effort to save time, some packers avoid labeling all of their boxes. Instead of marking the top and sides with clear, large print, some choose to color-code boxes in a way that baffles movers and delays the process. Protect your belongings and make the move less chaotic with proper labeling technique. Write the box contents clearly on the top and on at least one side of the box. Indicate if the box contains fragile items. Finally, be sure to include which room the box should be placed in, so your experienced movers can unload the truck without confusion.


Packing Myth #3: Pack Everything but the Clothes on Your Back


Some families believe that the fastest and easiest way to move is to pack nearly every item in their possession for the moving company to handle. However, this strategy creates unnecessary frustration for both parties. Many movers recommend packing a suitcase for each family member as though you each were heading on a weekend vacation. Bring essentials, like toiletries, a few changes of clothes, and chargers so you don’t have to dig through 200 boxes to find what you need. Also keep valuables, important documents, medications, pet supplies, and a few cleaning supplies close at hand for a smoother first night in your new home.


Somewhat impressively, the average 30-year-old has already moved six times, yet even experienced movers still make packing mistakes. Take these expert packing tips with you on your next move to make the whole process a little bit easier.