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Top 3 Reasons to Call Up a Professional Moving Service

experienced moving companyEven though the prospect of moving is an exciting one, the actual act of moving is something no one looks forward to. Despite this, we move an average of 12 times in our life and the average 30-year-old has moved about six times already. However, the hassle of moving can be greatly alleviated with the help of an experienced moving company. Finding reliable movers can be a total game-changer and most would agree that the moving expenses are well worth it. With some careful research and advance planning, local movers can get you out of your old place and into your new one with minimal exertion on your effort — leaving you free to set up your new home. We’ll discuss the advantages of hiring an experienced moving company more in depth as well as what you should look for in a mover!

Why Should I Consider Hiring Movers? 

The goodwill (and young backs) of your friends and family will only go so far. And if you’re renting, chances are good that you’re hopping around every few years — over 30% of renters move every year. Most people can’t move everything themselves, unless they have absolutely no furniture.

Given that the average American household has over 300,000 items, help with moving is practically a necessity. And an experienced moving company can make the entire process a much easier one.

There are companies that will do everything from packing to the actual moving, while some might only provide the muscle and transportation of your possessions from Point A to Point B.

A big point for movers is that they know how to move things safely. No more worries about throwing out your back or visions of a box crashing down the stairs or crushed fingers and toes. Movers will have the muscle, equipment, and expertise necessary to make sure that the move is completed without anyone getting hurt.

Professional movers will also get things done much quicker. They’ll be able to size up what you need moved and pack it neatly and efficiently into the moving van — and they’ll already have a system in place. What might take you and your family or friends three or four hours, they can likely have done in half the time.

And they’ll also save you the physical exertion of having to move, which means you’ll likely have more energy for unpacking and settling into your new place once you’re there.

What Should I Look For in a Moving Company? 

You definitely want to look for a local, experienced moving company who has a great reputation around the area. Make sure that they have insurance; if they offer full value protection, so much the better. Getting references and personal referrals are important as well.

The moving company should also do a walk-through and take inventory of what needs to be moved — before offering a quote. Make sure you understand all the components that go into the quote and ask questions about fees that you’re not sure about — you want to avoid extra fees, of course!

You also shouldn’t be required to put down a large deposit — you should really only pay upon delivery. Using a credit card can also help protect you against fraud.

Where Can I Find Moving Services? 

The best way to find movers is to ask around and see if there’s a moving company friends or family in the area might be able to suggest! Personal recommendations are worth their weight in gold here.

However, searching online or browsing neighborhood community websites or information hubs (like the library, post office, etc.,) are also good options. Make sure you do some research into the company online and it’s always a good idea to call and talk to them on the phone, to get a feel for their customer service and communication.

Make your move a little easier with the help of an experienced moving company. It’s one expense you won’t regret — and we can guarantee you’ll never go back to doing it yourself!