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Seattle’s Top 5 Restaurants You Should Visit for the Best Food

The seaport city of Seattle is based on West Coast of United States. This city, also known as the seat of Washington – the King County, is the largest the Washington State and the entire Pacific Northwest. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. The strategic location of Seattle City has positioned it on the map to be a technological hub. It is the headquarters of Microsoft, one of the largest technological companies in the world. It is, also, a business hub. You get to find major corporations that have set camp there. Businesses of all kinds, large and small, operate from Seattle City. Seattle is the headquarters of Amazon. The food industry has not been left behind. There are hundreds of restaurants in Seattle offering the best food with different cuisine options (Check out our list of the best fish tacos in Seattle). 

Here are the top 5 restaurants great
for Seattle locals.


The Tilth restaurant is located 1411 N 45th St Seattle, WA 98103. The restaurant is based in a very charming Craftsman house found in Willington. It specializes in organic New American cuisine. Their food is prepared with wild and organic ingredients. Oregon Tilth – an organization promoting sustainability – issued Tilth restaurant its organic certification. All the ingredients are sourced from local farmers. The meals dishes are presented in an impressive artistic style. Tilth restaurant offers you the best place to enjoy delicious organic New American cuisine that will make you appreciate the efforts of the local farmers in growing their products, and the restaurant sourcing and transforming their produce into sweet, delicious meals.


If you are a Seattle local and a lover of Italian Cuisine, Café Juanita will never disappoint you. Located 9702 NE 120th PI Kirkland, WA 98034, Café Juanita offers a wide menu selection of the various Italian dishes. The menu is constantly changing to accommodate the freshest meats, produce, and seafood. You, also, get to give your meal that final touch with a glass of wine. Café Juanita has an award-winning wine list that focuses on producers from Italy and Northwest wines. Whether you are a vegan or a vegetarian, there is an Italian dish for you. You, also, get to enjoy dining in the amazing space.


Salare has become one of the most famous dining places in Seattle. It offers broad cuisine options from various parts of the world. The main Chef Edwardo Jordan has a unique skill of blending the French, African, Italian, Caribbean cuisines, and more is a creative way to bring out an electrifying, mouth-watering meal. This chef-run restaurant is located 2404 NE 65th St Seattle, WA 98115 and is a favorite for the locals. It gets flooded daily with people from the neighborhood who love to enjoy the best cuisine combination in town. The magic it offers is one that compares to none.


Altura offers you a chance to enjoy your meal while watching the main chef, Nathan Lockwood, work. You get a combination of amazing taste and equally visually stunning looks of the kitchen. You get a chance to have a meal prepared for you not just based on your appetite, but also your preferred duration. Preparing between five to seven courses every night, the 617 Broadway E Seattle, WA, 98102 based restaurant offers an immersive and more dynamic dining experience. You, also, can complement your meal with any of the three beverage options available. The options include the modern beverage pairing, non-alcoholic pairing, and classic wine pairing.


If you are thinking burgers, think Li’l Woody’s. They offer the most satisfying modern burgers in Seattle. Li’l Woody’s has three locations – Capitol Hill, Ballard and the South Lake Union. The joint has six signature burgers and other normal burgers that you will love. You can, also, find the best sandwiches here like the fried chicken sandwich. Other fast foods you are likely to find at Li’l Woody’s include Veggie Burger, Onion Rings, Washington Potato fries, and the full Tilt’s handmade shakes. This mini-chain, with its eager collaboration, defies convention. You get to find sweet combinations that can be found nowhere else. If you are looking to try the like of Fig and Pig burger with a peanut butter taste, Li’l Woody’s is the place.

The various Seattle restaurants offer a wide dish selection options. Whether it is a full meal or just fast food, you are always covered. The restaurants offer different cuisine options to choose from. You basically can enjoy different cuisines every day of the week. You, also, get to enjoy fine accompaniment with their wine selections for an ultimate and complete dining experience.