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Hack Your Move: 3 Ways To Save Money On Common Moving Expenses

moving expenses

Moving is a lot of hard work, even if you’re just moving down the street. It can consume your time and money faster than you’d ever believe. And since the average 30-year-old has already moved six times in their lives, it pays to be prepared. Here are three ways you can cut down on moving expenses and make your move a whole lot simpler — and cheaper.

  • Packing: One of the most time-consuming aspects of moving (especially if it is a big move), packing can also rack up costs in materials. Pretty much nobody picks up and moves apropos of nothing, so if you know your lease is up soon and you have no desire to stay in your current place or are looking to expand your space, chances are you’ve been thinking about it for a while. This gives you plenty of time to collect packing materials: stop by your local liquor stores and ask for any spare boxes (they’ll definitely have them), and ask your friends and neighbors to start sending any boxes they have or may be getting soon (people love online shopping) your way. Since relocating is so common, they may also be able to give you rolls of packing tape, dispensers included. The sooner you get started, the less stressful (and costly!) the experience will be.


  • Purge, Purge, Purge: This is the most useful tip, but is also the hardest to do. The average house has over 300,000 things in it, and, over time, we convince ourselves that we need ALL of them. The truth is, the more you get rid of (through donation or gifts to grateful friends and relatives), the less you’ll need to pack. The less that gets packed, the less you’ll need to pay to move! It’s math, pure and simple. Plus, Future You will be relieved that they have so much less to unpack.


  • Do your research: The physical act of moving, which may include furniture delivery and the transportation of extremely delicate items, is the largest expense. However, finding a moving company with experienced movers is well worth it. It pays to do your research ahead of time, seeking out professional moving services that have a great track record and excellent customer reviews — not to mention policies that protect your investments — is key to getting your money’s worth. Moving expenses can skyrocket if you need to replace one-of-a-kind items, in addition to wasting your precious time.

These are three of the simplest ways you can drastically reduce moving expenses, but they all require time, dedication, and forethought.