Our Work in the Community

Adam’s Moving Service is proud to partner with organizations that make Washington a better place to call home.

“Honest values are the foundation of our company, and that includes recognizing organizations that help those neighborhoods and people our business serves.”


Our Impact

Supporting Domestic Violence Victims Through Mary's Place


Some Startling Statistics:

  • Washington state has one of the highest rates of domestic violence victimization in the country, ranking in the top 10 states with the most female victims. 
  • More than 41% of women in Washington have faced intimate partner violence, rape, or stalking, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Mary's Place ensures that no child sleeps outside by centering equity and opportunity for women and families. The organization has seen an increase in the number of families fleeing violent situations as a result of the pandemic and financial hardships. Mary's Place provides victims of domestic violence and their children safe shelter and resources to find housing and stability.

How We Help

For the many women escaping abuse, a quick, professional move gives them one less thing to worry about on the path toward a safer, brighter future. That’s why our team provides one free move a month to guests of Mary’s Place looking for a new, safe place to call home. As part of our ongoing partnership, our company takes care of moving labor and associated costs for an individual or family relocating from the center to more permanent housing. Every move is one step closer to a stronger, more peaceful community here in Seattle.


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