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We thought it would never happen, but the year is finally coming to an end, which means the holiday season has now begun. While this may not seem like the ideal time to move to a new home, it actually happens more than you might think. Moving during the holidays poses many challenges, which is why it’s more important than ever to hire a furniture moving service. Seattle moving company rates might seem too high for your budget, but fortunately, there is a moving company in Kirkland that will save you both time, money and regret. Adam’s Moving Service is the perfect Kirkland moving provider and is now offering fall reduced rates. Here are three tips so that you can have both a successful move and an enjoyable holiday season.

Tip #1 Prepare for the weather 

Seattle is wetter in autumn and winter than in the spring and summer. You don’t want your furniture or precious items to get ruined due to bad weather, or worse someone getting hurt on a slippery ramp. Professional movers will work quickly and efficiently and handle all your belongings with extreme care. They will have the right equipment and gear so no one will get hurt. A small investment in a moving service could save thousands in lost property or injuries.

Tip #2 Rethink your celebrations

No one dreams of celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas surrounded by boxes or with everything in storage. Time to rethink the Norman Rockwell image of a smiling family surrounding the table happily gazing at the perfectly cooked turkey. Maybe this year your family can find a nice restaurant for your Thanksgiving dinner—let someone else do the dishes!  Or don’t have a traditional meal at all. Pack some turkey sandwiches and visit Olympic National Park! You’ll most likely have the whole place to yourself. Instead of exchanging gifts at Christmas, spend the money on a fun outing or treat yourself to a nice hotel and room service. The memories you make will last far longer and provide fun stories for years to come. Who knows? You might even start a new tradition!

Tip #3 Donate to others 

When dealing with the stress of moving during the holidays, it can be easy to focus on ourselves and forget about others. In preparation for the move, this is the perfect time to sort through your closets and find items to donate to your local shelters or thrift stores. Your extra blankets, coats, and hats could be a huge blessing for someone who is struggling this holiday season. Consider donating your food to a local food bank. You can build up your pantry once you are in your new home. More donations mean less you have to move.

Moving to a new home during the holidays is not only doable, but it can create some fun memories. Take advantage of reduced rates when you select Adam’s Moving Service among your Kirkland moving services options. We’re among the top-rated moving companies in the Seattle area and have moved tens of thousands of people. With hundreds of excellent reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google Places, you’ll find out why this award-winning Seattle area moving service will make your holiday move your best move yet!

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