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The Movers & Packers Blog of Seattle

By October 12, 2020August 7th, 2023No Comments

Being left high and dry in the middle of a move is never something we want our customers to feel. With the right direction, the right tips and the right West Seattle movers, you can feel both prepared and energized for your next move. Discover the difference a few tips can make from your friendly Bellevue moving service. Here, you’ll find packing tips, what to look for in your Issaquah moving company, how to vet movers and packers in Seattle, the best ways to move long-distance with a vehicle and more. 

A Quick Checklist for Vetting West Seattle Movers

Looking to hire some quality movers in Seattle? It can be tough to know where to start when you’re looking for tough movers with gentle hands and a keen eye. Check out some of our quick tips on vetting movers when you’re getting ready to make the jump: 

  • Always start with the reviews
  • Weigh the pros and cons
  • Shop around
  • Call for estimates
  • Compare prices for the services you may need
  • Make mental notes of your heaviest pieces of furniture and delicate objects
  • Set a timeline
  • Compare packing services, the cost of moving yourself and full-service moves

When it comes to West Seattle movers or hiring an Issaquah moving company, it’s best to consider all of your options. Check out what options are available in your area, the services they offer, how their estimates might work and see if maybe hiring for packing services and doing a DIY move would be the best option.

Luckily, Adam’s Moving Service is here to help walk you through it. Call or contact us today to see what our movers and packers in Seattle can do for you!