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Top 3 Winter Moving Hacks from Shoreline Movers

By November 30, 2020August 1st, 2023No Comments

Winter is here and that means more rain and colder temperatures. Whether moving from out of state, or from another part of the Seattle area, moving to Shoreline at the end of the year can be stressful. Adam’s Moving Service in Shoreline, voted the best movers in the Seattle area in 2019 by Fresh Chalk, has three hacks to help your winter move go more smoothly. (66)

Hack #1 to Stay Dry

If you are moving from out of state, you might not know how different the climate can be in Washington west of the Cascade Mountain range. You’ll experience cooler temperatures and more rainfall than if you lived east of the mountains. suggests the following hack to protect your belongings in case you move when it rains. Line your box with a plastic trash bag before packing your items in it. Fortunately, if you use Adam’s professional moving labor services you won’t have to worry about your boxes getting soggy from staying in the rain too long. They move quickly without damaging your items. Don’t forget to keep your raincoat or a poncho close by so that you don’t get wet too. (123)

Hack #2 to Stay Warm

Although the winters are mild, it can get cold waves even as early as November dropping the temperatures down as low as 14°F (-10°C). The second hack is to be sure you already have your utilities turned on before the day of your move. Washington has the 3rd lowest electricity rates in the nation so go ahead and turn up the heat on moving day if you need to. Your Shoreline movers will be grateful for the added warmth too. Let them know how much you appreciate their excellent service by making a coffee run! (95)

Hack #3 to Stay Calm

Are you concerned that you can’t afford movers for your Shoreline move? Since winter is the slow season, you’ll find great discounted rates for professional moving services. The last hack is to be sure to ask about discounts for moving labor in the Seattle area when you call to reserve your date. Be sure to call early since others will be taking advantage of these low rates too. Knowing that your move will be done by professionals will help you stay calm and stress-free making it easier to enjoy your new home. (92)

Moving during the winter is a great opportunity to begin the new year with a fresh canvas. Avoid the stress that can come with a cold season move by using these three hacks: 

  1. Line your boxes with trash bags to protect your items from moisture. 
  2. Make sure you utilities are turned on before the day you move in. 
  3. Book your movers in advance and ask for winter discount rates. 

Winter can be a great time to move into your new home and a chance to save money with lower rates. Right now Adam’s Moving Services is offering reduced rates. Don’t wait and book your friendly, professional, top-rated Seattle movers today! 

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