Seattle Rental Truck Checklist


If it’s finally time to move, you’re surely got many things to think about and consider as you start to plan. To take some of the hassles out of moving, Adam’s residential packing services can help with all facets of the move, from packing to moving to unloading.


To help you reduce stress, we have put together a list of items to consider when hiring a moving truck. From cost to truck size to insurance, Adam’s Seattle residential movers have a list of important things to know.


Average Cost


One of the most time-consuming parts of planning your move is comparing costs for both local movers in Seattle as well as the cost of the moving truck. Below, Adam’s Seattle moving labor has checked a few rates from some of the main commercial and residential moving services.



Adam’s Moving Services Rates


Adam’s Moving Services offers exclusive truck usage with our packing assistance for moving. To avoid the confusion and hassle of tracking mileage, Adam’s costs are flat-rate rather than adding an additional cost for mileage.


  • For 2 movers and a truck, Adam’s local movers in Seattle charges $150 per hour
  • For 3 movers and a truck, the cost is $195 per hour
  • For 4 movers and a truck, the cost is $255 per hour
  • For 5 movers and 2 moving trucks, the cost is $345 per hour


What to Know About Truck Rental

To be sure you’re fully prepared for your moving truck rental, here are a few things to check before renting:


  • What size truck is needed? Most rental companies offer multiple truck sizes. To know what size you need, estimate how many rooms you will need to move. Many rental companies will have estimates for the size of truck you’ll need based on rooms. 
  • Do you have insurance? Some credit cards have insurance for car rental, but not always truck rentals. It may be a good idea to review the insurance that comes with your truck rental, and adding additional insurance is usually a smart choice. 
  • Is there an additional cost for gas or mileage? Most moving trucks require returning the truck with the same level of gasoline you picked it up in. Also, as noted above, many rentals charge mileage fees, meaning you’ll want to take the shortest routes between places. Adam’s does not charge mileage fees, as our moving trucks include mileage with your move.


Contact Adam’s Seattle Residential Movers 

Rather than searching price after price trying to find a rental truck company, use Adam’s residential packing service to help with your packing, moving and unloading. Adam’s will make your move stress-free, so call us at 206-251-1725 to see how we can help with your upcoming move.