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Seattle is Getting Expensive. Move to THESE Neighborhoods and Save $11,000+ Per Year

Living in the city with a family is an expensive choice in most major metros — and much costlier than living in the suburbs. In fact, the city of Seattle has led the nation with the most quickly growing house/property costs for the last two consecutive years!

Data from Care.com and Zillow revealed that across the U.S., suburban homeowners with two kids in child care save an average of $9,073 annually compared to families living in the city. In the rapidly growing city of Seattle, opting for the burbs can save parents even more: an average of $11,376 each year.

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If you’re intrigued by the opportunity to set aside some of your hard-earned money for your kids’ futures, relocating to a town outside of the bustling city may be the solution. Finding the right neighborhood can be a tough decision, however, and unplanned costs associated with moving can add to the stress of buying a new home. Fortunately, a little preliminary research can help make this process easier.

If you’re ready to relocate, consider the benefits of enlisting the help of packing and/or moving professionals as part of your plan, especially if you have children. Hiring professionals will protect your valuables as well as your time- so you can spend longer exploring your new community with your kids.

Seattle Suburb: Mill Creek, WA

Meadowdale Beach WA

One market to consider that meets many of the high-priority factors for parents is Mill Creek. The real estate in Mill Creek has a median home value of $548,300, far lower than Seattle’s $690,300. Plus, buyers won’t face nearly the amount of competition in Mill Creek. In the last year, home values rose dramatically, 15.3 percent, and are expected to appreciate another 6 percent throughout the next 12 months, just one indicator of a healthy (but competitive) market.

Mill Creek is about 20 miles northeast of Seattle, making the commute a bit longer than city dwellers’ travel time. However, Mill Creek is significantly safer than Seattle, and the schools are remarkable, according to GreatSchools’ rating system of 1-10. Top ranking elementary schools include Woodside Elementary School (rated 7) and Mill Creek Elementary School (rated 9). Heatherwood Middle School is also rated 9, while the local Henry M. Jackson High School has an impressive rating of 10.

The city offers numerous parks to enjoy with your family, such as Meadowdale Beach Park, Willis D. Tucker Community Park, Terrace Creek Park, North Creek Park and the Mill Creek Nature Preserve. The parks offer open fields to teach your kids the basics of baseball or soccer, and hiking trails to expel that excessive childlike energy. If biking is a family pastime, Mill Creek offers a handful of off-road routes, including Lord Hill Park, Paradise Valley Conservation and North Creek Trail. Mill Creek Town Center is another attraction, a local outdoor mall with more than 80 shops in a park-like environment.

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If Seattle has priced you out, or you’re part of a growing family looking for a bit more square footage for the cost, Mill Creek may be the perfect option. If you’re not ready to commit to homeownership, a year of renting can help you get to know the community, and it may just persuade you to set down roots in Mill Creek. And if you need help packing, moving, or both, contact Adam’s Moving Service today for a free, fair quote.