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moving companiesHow to Find High Quality Moving Companies

Seattle is the 18th largest city in the United States. Being one of the largest cities comes with frequent move ins and move outs. On moving day, it is important to know that you have reliable movers to help safely and effectively deliver your possessions from your old home to a new one. When it comes to moving companies though, there is a large gap between the highest quality movers and an average moving company.

For most people, quality is much more important. Looking for reliable, on time movers who know how to properly handle furniture and other equipment is a must have. So if you are getting ready for a move in the Seattle area, how do you recognize top quality moving companies? Great question. Here are some things to keep in mind when hiring a moving company that will sift the wheat from the tares:

Inventory List: One of the major aspects of the most reputable moving companies is helping you catalog a complete inventory list of all of the belongings you will be moving. This will help determine the volume and weight of the move. Additionally, having a moving inventory list will help keep track of everything moved, and give you the peace of mind that everything has arrived at your new home as it should. The inventory list will give you a good estimate of how much it will cost to complete the move, and can usually be done by scheduling a home walk through so we can visually determine how much there is to move.

Thorough Walk-through: When it comes to doing a walk-through, many moving companies skip this step. This is a big red flag in our minds. Having a quick walk-through or no walk through means that your estimated moving cost is likely going to be way off the mark. Good estimators will ask questions to get details about the current home and the destination home. Make sure your estimator is detailed and thorough as this will help you get an accurate quote and it will help the moving company be prepared with the right trucks and equipment.

Get References: Companies who provide great products and services will always be happy to share references with you. Otherwise, find a list of trusted moving companies from the American Moving and Storage Association or your state associations of movers. Look for recent customers who the company has helped move in the last few months, and call these customers to ask them about their experiences. If you would like any of our references, give us a call today and we would be happy to provide them.

Handle Packing Yourself: While packing is a service that some moving companies provide, it isn’t what we are there to do. Do everything you can to have all of your items packed and ready to go. This will ensure that your items are all packed safely and according to your specifications. Additionally, this will ensure you do not accrue extra fees from having us pack extra boxes for you.

Beware the Blank Contract: Never. Never. Never sign a blank contract. Get everything buttoned down in writing before agreeing to a move. If a moving company attempts to get you to sign a blank contract, that is a big red flag that you should look for another one. Be sure to read all of the terms on the contract and double check the inventory list to see that all of your belongings are listed.

Report Any Problems: All reputable moving companies will have a phone or email that is easy to reach and report potential problems. When moving, you have 9 months to report any problems and file an insurance claim. On the day you move, be sure to check each box after the move to see if there has been any accidental damage. Be sure to report these problems. We carry insurance to help cover this and want to be sure if there was a problem with handling that we take care of it with you.

Insurance and Valuation Protection: Speaking of insurance, all good moving companies will have insurance programs and are required to assume liability for the goods they transport.