Moving & Delivery for Seattle & Western Washington

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Seattle Movers

local moving companyMoving is hard. And it will probably rain on moving day, Seattle. Save a friendship; hire a local moving company.

When you need help moving (you do), here’s what to look for when selecting your reliable Seattle area movers.

  1. Possession Protection: Choose a moving company that loves your city and your stuff as much as you do. If they really care, you can look forward to local movers who are adept at safely navigating unwieldy items around sharp corners, down narrow hallways, and up and down potentially treacherous staircases, all while protecting innocent walls, windows and railings.
  2. Flexibility: Moving is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Seek out movers who are willing and able to help you with everything from packing, providing moving supplies and securing items for transport, to simply loading and unloading a truck you provide yourself. Companies that can handle commercial moves as well come in handy when you find you also need to move your office space, or your home office that’s taken over your home.
  3. Artisanal Small-Batch Movers: Large, national moving companies often focus on the number of moves they complete, rather than the quality service they provide. A local moving company will be better able to provide personal service, and focus on your specific moving needs.
  4. Know Your When: Fridays tend to be the most common days for moving, with nearly 20% of moves in 2016 happening on a Friday. If you can avoid the Friday rush and plan your move for mid-week, you may save yourself traffic hassles and have a greater range of dates to choose from.
  5. Save Some Cash: While it may seem counterintuitive at first blush, using a moving company can save you money in the end. For example, packing makes up approximately a quarter of your moving costs. But professionals are, well, professionals. While you’ll likely use more boxes than necessary, professional movers know how to pack economically, saving you time, space and money.
  6. What Chiropractor?: Movers have the knowledge, training and experience to lift and haul boxes and furniture without injury. Friends and family members are great for helping you pick out paint swatches and light fixtures, but if Uncle Mike does a number on his back during your move, your next Thanksgiving dinner may be awkward.

Depend on the professionals from the outset to ensure a successful moving experience. Your back, bank account, family and friends will thank you for it!