Packing Tips for an Easy Move

moving expensesIf you’ve never moved before, you are in a small minority. Moving is a part of life, particularly in a world where lives can change so quickly. The average 30 year-old person has moved six times. That averages out to once every five years. If you’re starting to get the five year itch, or if you’ve already decided to make a move, you are going to want to make sure you factor in the right moving expenses. To do this well, you should consider how much it’s going to cost you to pack everything up. There are several factors that will affect the overall packing costs. But to get a good idea as to the size of the dent in your pocket, you will want to pack as efficiently and well as possible. Here are some things that will make your packing easier and that may even keep moving expenses down.

Start Packing Early

With everything that goes on in connection with a move, it would be easy to put packing off until the last minute. Finding a place, figuring out the truck you’re going to get, and locating a good moving company can be time-consuming. However, putting packing off until the last minute could be a costly mistake.

Packing should be viewed as both an art and a science. True, the objective is to get everything in a given space and then transport it to another space. But there’s much more to it than that. In a way, packing can be seen like a giant game of Tetris. Fitting all of the pieces in correctly is going to take time. The best way to make it so everything fits in well is to get the right “pieces,” or boxes and containers. Often, it is best to use boxes that are somewhat the same size. Labeling them individually will help differentiate each box, so there’s no need to worry about box confusion, so keeping them around the same size is going to make the process much easier. When the sizes of boxes are uniform, the space inside the moving vehicle can be maximized because you can literally just add of the dimensions of the boxes. Assign an area for the boxes and another area for things that cannot be boxed. It may help to choose the box size first before designating the area. Then you can calculate that area based on the sizes of the boxes. With a little cubic math, you’ll be good to go. Mattresses, artwork, frames, and other odd-shaped things can go in the other spaces. This will also cut down on your moving expenses because you may be able to get a smaller truck or limit the number of moving vehicles you have to rent. All of this takes time and planning, so you will want to start packing early.

Use the Help of the Pros

Furniture movers and furniture delivery services can be huge assets during the moving experience. Moving expenses can actually be kept lower if you choose to hire professionals because you won’t have to worry about replacing or repairing items damaged during the move. You have to check the local moving companies insurance policies, of course, but often, this can reduce time, effort and stress. The moving cost should also include time you have to take away from other important activities in your life, such as work, school, or time spent with friends. On moving day, you want to have confidence that by the time the day is done, the job will be completed as well. Hiring professional movers to help you out can therefore be a huge asset. They can also help you with figuring out how to pack everything. A good company is going to have no problem telling you the best kinds of boxes to use, and the best packing materials to incorporate in your move. They can also provide advice as to how to prep the things they are going to be responsible for moving. This should be considered a part of the packing process as well.

Consider Personal Delivery of Fragile Items

The last tip is to think about carrying same things yourself. When you move, you don’t want regrets. If it’s super fragile, carry it yourself. This will help you have a stress-free move.