Moving to Sammamish in the New Year? Here’s What You Should Know

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The new year is a time for a fresh start and a new beginning. Moving to a new home with Adam’s Moving Service is a great way to begin with a clean canvas to shed belongings and habits that you’d rather leave behind. For a successful move to the beautiful Sammamish, WA, here’s what you should know. 

Year-Round Activities

If you love the outdoors, you’ll love living in Sammamish. It borders the eastern shore of Lake Sammamish and has breathtaking green, rolling hills overlooking the Snoqualmie Valley. 

According to Compass, Sammamish offers hiking, trails, lakes, boating, swimming, skiing, and snowboarding for year-round recreation. It has been rated as one of the top ten cities to live in by Money Magazine — and for good reason. It has great schools, neighborhoods, and a great community. Before moving to Sammamish, you’ll want to think about the lifestyle you’d like to have. Think about what items you’ll want to enjoy all that Sammamish has to offer, like hiking boots or a good jacket. When you’re moving, though, you’ll also want to consider the things you may not necessarily need or use. You don’t want to pay the expense of moving something you’ll end up not using, so donating before you start packing will help ensure a successful move.

Friendly Community

The great outdoors isn’t the only reason why you’ll love living in Sammamish. The people are friendly and welcoming. Compass says, “New residents usually set down roots and get involved, which helps to build an even stronger sense of community; neighbors have enough time to get to know one another.” Be sure to bookmark the city’s event page for a full list of upcoming community events. 

Top-rated Professional Movers

Before you pack even a single box, you’ll want to book the best movers in Sammamish, WA. Moving companies are a great solution for a stress-free move that saves you time while keeping your valuables protected. Professional movers work quickly and do all the heavy lifting for you. You’ll want to be sure to find Sammamish movers who are licensed and fully insured like Adam’s Moving Service. Voted as the best movers in 2017 by King5, Adam’s Moving offers full-service packages to make your moving day one to look forward to and not one to dread. Of all the moving companies in Sammamish, WA, Adam’s is the best choice for a stress-free move.


Moving to Sammamish, WA, is a great way to start the new year. You’ll be able to continue or create new healthy habits by enjoying the outdoors and make lots of new friends. Call Adam’s Moving Service today to find out how they can best get you settled in your new home in Sammamish. 


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