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For all its beautiful scenery, delicious food, and wonderful culture, Seattle is also known for its unpredictable weather. And yet, sometimes things like moving simply can’t wait. 

Adam’s furniture moving services and moving labor in Seattle has a few tips for how to prepare for and move in Seattle’s crazy weather.


Check the Weather Reports


Once you’ve booked your moving labor in Seattle, be sure to check the weather reports early and often. If extreme weather is in the forecast, postponing your move is ideal, but not always possible.

Checking the weather often should be able to tell you when in the day you might catch a break in the rain or wind. When the weather lets up, it’s time for you and your Seattle moving labor to work efficiently to make the most of the time.


Use the Right Packing Supplies

If the forecast calls for rain — and in Seattle it frequently does — be sure to bring the proper moving and packing supplies.

If you hire movers to move furniture, they will bring things like furniture pads, but it may be up to you to bring things like plastic wrap to put over the pads. Plastic wrap will help the pads from getting wet, and thus help keep your furniture dry as well.

Along with plastic wrap, bring extra trash or plastic grocery bags to help double wrap your items. If you’re hiring a moving company in the Seattle area, they should be able to help you plan for and deal with inclement weather.


Wait to Move Important or Fragile Items

If you have fragile or important items to move such as electronics, heirlooms, or important books or papers, it might be worth it to wait for a change in weather. 

Many weather reports and phone apps can show you hourly weather, so it may work to move your less-important items while the weather is crazy, and wait until a break in the weather to move the most important things. 

If you’re using Seattle moving labor, chances are they have dealt with whatever mother nature comes up with and will be more than prepared to move the important things at any given time.

Use Moving Labor in Seattle 

Last, the easiest way to make your move as stress-free as possible, no matter the weather, is to hire movers to move your furniture and items. All moving companies in the Seattle area will be used to dealing with Seattle’s wild and unpredictable weather and can help keep your items safe and dry.

Adam’s Moving Services provides furniture moving services and packing services in the Seattle area. We can help you move in any kind of weather because we’ve seen it all! Visit us online or call 206-251-1725 to get started on your move.