Moving Day: 5 Etiquette Tips to Follow

need help moving

After weeks of planning, packing, and possibly a little crying from stress, you’ve made it to moving day. Unfortunately, the stress of relocating isn’t over just yet. But if you’ve decided you need help moving and hired local moving services, you’re in good hands. With the average American moving about 12 times during their lifetime, moving companies have plenty of experience with handling a variety of moving situations, good and bad. But to ensure moving day goes as smooth as possible, there are a few etiquette tips you should know.

  1. Have everything packed: There can be nothing worse than having the movers ring your doorbell only to find out you’re not done packing. If your movers have to wait for you to finish packing, not only are they going to be frustrated, but you’re going to have an even hire moving cost for making them wait longer. So, make sure all of your items are packed and ready to be loaded onto the truck before the movers arrive.
  2. Keep essential items with you: Items like medications, jewelry, and other valuables should be kept with you instead of being packed away in the truck. This is a good thing for both you and the movers: you’ll be able to keep your valuables close and ensure they’re taken care of and the movers won’t have to worry about you looking for them in the boxes or expressing concerns about lost or damaged items.
  3. Offer drinks to your movers: While this isn’t required, providing cool beverages on a hot day can be much appreciated. When you need help moving, moving companies come to the rescue — the least you can do is offer some cold water while they help move your heavy furniture and belongings.
  4. Figure out parking ahead of time: When you arrive at your new place, you don’t want your movers waiting while you try to figure out where you can park. Before moving day, make sure you know exactly where you can and cannot park. This can go a long way, especially if you’re moving into an apartment complex where parking may be tight and limited.
  5. Talk to your neighbors: Moving day can be disruptive to both your current and future neighbors. So before you move, make sure you talk to your neighbors. Tell your current neighbors when you’ll be leaving and if you’re going to be in their way at all. And as for your new neighbors, telling them when you’re going to be moving in can be a great opportunity to introduce yourself and show you’re a courteous neighbor.

When you need help moving, you know you can rely on your local moving companies. So because they’re doing a great service to you, make sure you follow these tips and ensure the day goes smoothly for everyone involved.