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How To Move During The Summer Without Breaking A Sweat

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Summer is the number one most popular moving season. In fact, up to 13.9% of moves in 2016 alone occurred just in June. December is the least popular month with only 3.3% of people choosing to move in the cold.

But not everyone is able to move to a new home before the season gets to be too hot. With summer just around the corner, here’s how you can make the most of your move without breaking a sweat.

Hire Seattle area movers to get the job done fast

Fridays are some of the busiest days in the moving industry with 19.45% of moves occurring on Fridays. This is because the weekend gives movers the chance to get everything done over a three-day period when their friends and family are more likely to help.

Unfortunately, you might be less likely to find help during a sunny, summer weekend. And it dragging out the moving process across three days in the summer heat can make you, and everyone else, miserable.

That said, consider hiring professional moving services to help get the move done fast and in only one day.

Check the forecast and aim for cloudy days

During the summer months, the last thing you want to do is make the big move on a bright and sunny day. Direct sunlight while moving heavy furniture is a recipe for heat exhaustion.

If you can, aim to move on a day that calls for cloudy or partly cloudy skies. This way, you can get a little bit of shade while you work. Just don’t forget to drink plenty of water no matter what the weather is like.

Don’t try to move on your own

Whether you’re hiring professional moving services or your friends and family are helping you out, it’s crucial that you don’t try to move on your own all in one day during the summer months.

As we mentioned above, heat exhaustion can creep up on you when you least expect it. Hire the professionals or call in back up, drink plenty of water, and don’t overdo it in hot temperatures.

Where can I find local moving services near me?

It can be brutal to try and move by yourself or with friends during the summer months when the temperatures are hot and the furniture is heavy. The good news is, you can get the moving help you need with Adam’s Moving Service at any time during the year.

Whether you need help packing boxes, help with moving, or you need assistance with furniture delivery, Adam’s Moving Service has your back. To learn more about our moving services, contact Adam’s Moving Service for a quote today.