How to Protect Your Home & Belongings During Your Move

Moving can be a complicated process, especially if it involves kids, pets, and lots of valuables. It can be incredibly stressful to watch as your personal property, some sentimental and therefore irreplaceable, being boxed up and taken away by movers. Our company understands your concern. We strive to work hard for our customers to ensure everything from your new big screen TV to Fido’s food bowl will arrive safe and secure in your new home.


Even when using a professional moving company, it helps for the customer to organize the moving process from start to finish. Label all boxes with their proper destination, such as family room or bedroom. Doing this will eliminate a lot of guesswork and confusion on moving day, lowering stress levels. It is also a good idea to make a master list of the packed boxes and what exactly is inside of each box. Then you will be able to locate things quickly, like Fido’s food dish for a hungry pup's first feeding in your new residence.


It never hurts to have too much insurance, especially when it comes to moving your personal possessions. Purchasing full value replacement insurance before moving day will guarantee no out of pocket costs if something expensive is accidentally damaged and will give you more peace of mind. Our professional movers take great care to protect the customer’s belongings, but unfortunately, accidents do happen.


If you have precious items that absolutely can't be replaced, such as your great grandmother’s flower vase, by all means, pack this item separately, put it in your vehicle and transport it yourself. Taking such action will reduce the stress level for yourself and the professional movers as well. If you have a large valuable item, such as an antique piano or a gorgeous grandfather clock, be sure and inform the movers about this beforehand and ask them to be extra careful.

Personal items that have little or no cash value, such as a favorite toy or children’s artwork also fall into this category. Pack these possessions separately and move them in your vehicle. Be sure and label all of the boxes clearly. Also, older children can be put in charge of “keeping watch” over a box of favorite toys or games during the moving process. Sometimes in the rush and stress of moving, such items can be mistaken for trash and thrown away, even by the customer. It will help to have an extra pair of eyes keeping watch.


Very fragile items, such as electronics should be moved by the owner as well. A computer should be packed very carefully, and any personal data should be backed up or stored before the move occurs. You should also personally transport any legal documents and expensive jewelry to ensure such possessions have a safe transit.


When moving from one house to another, you should make sure both houses are kept locked while you or the movers are not present. This will keep intruders out and prevent any of your possessions from being stolen. Installing a security system can help, especially if a house will be empty for an extended period. An empty house can be vandalized or used by vagrants, causing a lot of damage that could be expensive to repair.


If you are using your vehicle to transport fragile or valuable personal items, especially those of significant value, don’t forget to lock the doors. Leaving a vehicle loaded with valuable personal property parked beside a street, in a driveway, or in an apartment parking lot can lead to theft by a passing thief. It also helps to keep valuables hidden and out of sight to discourage a thief from breaking into your vehicle.


Once the move to your new house is complete be sure and change all the locks. You never know who may have a key to your new front door, from the previous owner’s relatives to the handyman that repaired the plumbing three years ago. Changing all the locks will prevent anyone who had previous access to your new home from entering again.