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Carelessness Is Costing You, Pack Like An Adult

moving companiesBeautiful Seattle is the 18th largest city in the United States. It’s also been, in recent years, one of the most popular cities to attract younger movers. Moving to a new place is as exciting as it can be frustrating, so we’re here to make the process as seamless as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of the hassle and frustration of moving is self-caused and therefore out of our hands.

What we can do is offer a few tips that’ll keep your head from steaming as you make that trek to your new place. A lot of it has to do with packing carelessly, which costs you more than you think. Sit back, soak in the wisdom and you’ll start to think twice before throwing a wad of unfolded shirts into a box you’ve had since undergrad.

Get new boxes
Moving companies shake their collective heads at this fairly often. People using decrepit, falling-to-pieces cardboard boxes to move their things. For what, in the name of saving a few dollars? Not a wise move. Old boxes don’t protect, stack, or bear weight as well as new boxes. You’d be surprised at the number of broken things because people hang onto boxes long past their expiration dates. Get new ones.

You aren’t as careful as you think
Another money-saving hack moving companies will tell you is that we understand it’s your property, but you’re not as careful as you think. Movers are insistent upon being able to do all the heavy (and fragile) lifting themselves and often find some of their nicest things damaged or worse. There are professionals for these things, utilize them.

It stacks up fast
Dumpsters become filled with moving waste because of poor packing practices. Taking time to organize, consolidate, and properly pack things is vital to keeping things out of the trash. We understand some things need to be purged, but throwing excessive belongings out because “they don’t fit” is careless and costly.

A lot of local moving companies will offer moving services without attached advice. That’s no good. We’re on the same team and we want to help you get to that new spot with everything intact on our end and yours. It’s pretty easy to be more careful and it starts with patience. Get new boxes, take time to pack purposefully, and get professional help with the fragile stuff. Moving is tough enough, don’t let hasty carelessness cause undue stress before your new adventure.