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Bellevue is a beautiful place to live in during the fall as some attractions like the Bellevue Botanical Gardens have beautiful gardens, wetlands, and woodlands that truly peak in the fall. However, before making the move during the fall there are 5 tips to be aware of including choosing the right moving company in Bellevue Washington. 

1. Declutter all Your Summer Items 

As you’re preparing for fall you’re likely to have many items left over from summer such as swimwear, beach gear, etc. You can discard or donate some of your items to maximize space and save money when enlisting the help of a Belllevue moving service.

2. Pack for the Season 

Now that you have eliminated clutter, next you’ll want to pack for the upcoming fall season. A pro-tip is to pack similar seasonal items together. After fall comes winter and so packing bulky winter clothing and items together can save time in the future. 

3. Setting up Utilities for Arrival

Whether you’ll be moving into a new house or apartment, it’s crucial that you have all your necessary utilities set up in advance.

4. Preparing Your Place for the Move

As the residential movers come into your place might they track dirt or potentially damage the floors when moving which can make you forfeit your security deposit. Utilizing plastic wrap to cover all the paths and out your residence can protect from damage.

5. Choose the Right Moving Service

Most likely you’ll be needing to enlist the help of a moving service and while there are plenty of Seattle moving services to choose from, services such as Adam’s Moving Service are recommended.

Using Adam’s Moving Service

Preparing a fall move to Bellevue can be an exciting but also laborious process. To cut down on time and money it’s recommended to undertake these 5 steps to prepare for your move. From decluttering from summer, packing all your necessary items, having utilities setup upon arrival, preparing your place for the move, and using the right moving service are all recommended. You can contact Adam’s Moving Service to learn more about their rates