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5 Best Public Schools in Seattle

When looking at schools for your children, it’s natural to want the very best for them. That means programs that cater to their interests, college preparatory, and with lots of fun activities for them to do, including music and the arts. Don't forget the sports! Being well rounded to explore many different activities is one of the best parts of childhood.

It’s a tall list to check off when considering schools for your little ones. The Seattle area in general has some top notch schools, even in the public sector. This data for best school districts is gathered by the US Department Of Education who bases their rankings on state mandated test scores, college bound preparation, quality of teachers, and things like graduation rates. Here are the 5 best public school systems in Seattle to send your child to receive a stellar education.

5. Bainbridge Island School District​

This area in Bainbridge Island has an exceptional school district. The breakdown is three elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools. They also have special education services available for pre-K through high school. The graduation rate here is 92 percent.

Across the district, almost 4000 students attend these top rated schools. The student to teacher ratio is very good at 18 to 1. Most teachers make an average of $67,000 per year.

You can check out the Bainbridge Island School District’s webpage to find out all about the activities and events that students can participate in.​

4. Issaquah School District​

This school district is located in Issaquah, which is nearby two national parks, the Tiger Mountain State Forest and the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park. The school breakdown of this district is fairly large for the almost 20,000 students that attend there, with 15 elementary schools, five middle schools, and four high schools. The graduation rate at this school is also 92 percent.

The student teacher ratio is 19 to 1, with teachers making an average of $67,000 per year. They also offer a great community program called VOICE which allows high school students to come back and mentor elementary kids. It’s great way to spread community spirit with the attention each student gets at these fine schools.

3. Lake Washington School District​

With 27,000 students across the district attending more than 10 elementary schools, nine middle schools, and six high school with one of those catering to the STEM programs. Tesla STEM High School specifically has “science, technology, engineering, and math” as its main focus.

A 90 percent graduation rate is the standard here, but kids also get a chance for tons of personalized attention, with an 18 to 1 teacher to student ratio. The district is known for being very welcoming of students with anti-bullying policies in place to protect everyone. Kids in general love the academic and social programs each school promotes for a well rounded educational experience.​

2. Mercer Island School District​

Mercer Island School District is one of the smaller ones with only around 4500 students. Those kids are going to get a top notch education though, with a teacher ratio of 19 to 1 and a graduate rate of 90 percent.

Recently the Mercer Island High School student radio station received a national award at the 77th Annual Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Conference and Awards that were held in New York. They also did very well in the Destination Imagination tournament that is all about educational programs with open ended challenges the students figure out in teams.

1. Bellevue School District​

​Bellevue School District routinely ranks number one in the area. This district is home to almost 20,000 students with a graduation rate of 92 percent. The teacher to student ratio is 18 to 1. The strong academic nature of the school is what makes them so well respected. With 24 separate schools serving the district in elementary, middle, special services, and high school, this is a school that knows what they are doing in teaching children.