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4 Best Gluten Free Restaurants in Seattle

Although traditional restaurants will accommodate gluten-free requests, the risk of cross contamination is a real concern if you are sensitive or allergic to gluten. To take this worry completely out of the equation, restaurants focusing on gluten-free fare have been popping up throughout the Seattle area in recent years. While dining at these restaurants, you can rest assured that the kitchen tools and cooking surfaces never had a chance at coming into contact with gluten. Furthermore, the dishes utilize imaginative substitutions that perfect the flavor profile despite the lack of wheat flour and its derivatives. To enjoy this stress-free dining experience, try one, or all, of the following top four gluten-free restaurants in Seattle.

Flying Apron​

The mission of the Flying Apron is to create delicious vegan and gluten-free dishes everyone will love. Whether patrons have gluten aversions or just want to try something new, this bakery meets the need for tasty goods made fresh with high quality, locally sourced ingredients, including nut flours and organic sweeteners.

The dedicated bakers make every sweet and savory menu item from scratch using small batch methods. The most popular sweet items you absolutely must try include cinnamon rolls, blueberry scones and strawberry cake. Despite the popularity of the moist and flavorful sweets, the savory menu is the talk of the town due to the reimagined classic dishes, such as lasagna, macaroni and cheese, pizza pockets and quiche.

Razzi's Pizzeria

Razzi’s Pizzeria based their operations around the use of four dedicated menus to allow allergy sufferers to continue dining with their family and friends. The menus allow you to order gluten-free, vegan or traditional Italian dishes without worry about cross contamination or ingredient mix-ups. The chefs at this pizzeria achieve this feat by creating all gluten-free fare in a separate certified kitchen.

You can start your meal with soup, salad or appetizers, including garlic bread or mozzarella sticks, all made from scratch each day. For the main course, this restaurant serves the full range of pizza, calzones, pasta, grinders and paninis that can easily pass for the originals. You can even purchase gluten-free pizza crust, bread and buns to try your own hand at making tasty creations at home.


As a traditionally French trained pastry chef, Toby Matasar was an unlikely candidate for the ownership of the groundbreaking gluten-free bakery, Niche. Upon embracing a paleo lifestyle, however, this chef well understood and acted upon the need for a restaurant dedicated to those following a gluten-free diet.

With just a single taste of the food served here, loyal patrons flock to this restaurant nearly every day to enjoy gluten-free sandwiches, paninis and loaded toast made to order. Of all the amazing options available here, the imaginative waffle-ini has the strongest following. You can choose to have your Belgian style waffles stuffed with eggs and cheese, Nutella, jam, or bacon, cheddar and apple butter.

Capitol Cider​

The sheer volume wheat products used in the creation of most foods and dishes inspired the owners of Capitol Cider to take a fully gluten-free approach. Four separate 100% gluten-free menus cover every dish imaginable from brunch to late night fare. Patrons rave about the biscuits and gravy, fried cheese curds, French onion soup and brownie desserts served here every day.

Through the creation of these gluten-free dishes, this establishment teaches visitors that both sweet and savory wheat alternatives are just as delightful as the originals. A full drink menu, including dozens of ciders that give this restaurant its name, allows you to enjoy the perfect accompaniment for your meal.

Finding Your Favorite Gluten-Free Fare​

After casting worry about cross contamination to the side, you can focus on finding your absolute favorite gluten-free dishes throughout the Seattle area. You can finally focus on each restaurant’s atmosphere, menu selection and overall quality of the food to identify your preferred locations. Upon finding the perfect restaurant, you can bring along your family and friends, and rest assured that everyone will enjoy their meals.