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5 Great Ways to Start the New Year on the Right Foot

For many, 2016 hasn't been the kindest year. We lost rock, film, and cultural icons, experienced arguably the most divisive election year, and a series of hurricanes and wildfires have ravaged the Southeast. Whether or not you've had your own personal frustrations with this year, January 1st offers all of us a chance to start afresh.

A new year means new opportunities and the chance to implement new life strategies to boost mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Here are our five great tips and strategies for starting this new year on the right foot.


No, this does not mean going on fad juice diet or necessarily nixing all meat. You can enjoy a healthier body -- which science translates to healthier emotional and mental well-being -- by simply eating less processed foods and drinking more water. An easy calculation for an individual's optimum water intake is 0.033 multiplied by body weight in kilograms. This will equal your recommended amount of water in liters.


It can be hard enough balancing life and work responsibilities without adding more to the mix. As such, it's easy for people to become trapped in their routine, saying 'no' to events and opportunities that threaten to overwhelm that routine. But this year, to increase your options, opportunities, and possibilities in all avenues of your life, follow Jim Carrey's lead and challenge yourself to say 'yes' in 2017. Doing so will undoubtedly change your life as you'll find yourself meeting new people, trying new experiences, and going new places that you would've otherwise ignored for sake of keeping your routine.


It is far too easy to be negative. This year, avoid getting caught up in conversations that you know will tip over the line and become venting sessions that aren't healthy for anyone. Instead, stay positive and focus on the good. Thinking positive not only will impact yourself, but it will create a better environment for everyone around you -- both at work, home, and in your social spheres.


Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day isn't healthy. In fact, a study of so-called Blue Zones, places where living to 100 is common, found that one of the key components of centenarian living is getting up and moving every 20 minutes or so. If you are a gym fanatic or a yoga loving individual, that's great! Keep on pumping! But if you don't have that drive or interest, then focus instead on being like the Blue Zoners and doing small exercises and stretches throughout your day. This can be as simple as parking in the furthest spot at the grocery store, taking a walk on your lunch break, or standing up and stretching every hour on the hour. Also consider getting some home gym equipment like dumbbells, or a cheap spin bike to work up a healthy sweat without making a trip to the gym.

These simple exercises and movement activities might not seem like much, but they will help keep your body in optimum condition. Of course, for best effects, consider blocking out longer periods for more focused exercise routines.


Humans weren't meant to multitask. Unfortunately, it's become a near must in today's bustling world despite it being better for most people to focus on a single task rather than trying to simultaneous concentrate on multiple activities. This is why a cluttered desk or messy home -- spaces where there are piles of objects we need to focus on -- can have such a negative impact on our mental and emotional capabilities. This year, don't wait for a spring clean, instead plan on a full de-clutter and re-organization of your home to boost your mental and emotional wellbeing. You can contact your local moving company for organizational help and moving that bulky furniture around to achieve the optimum look.

For more information about how, as your local moving company, we can help you to de-clutter and get your life more organized, or if you're preparing to move and are in need of a full-service moving company, contact us today. Our skilled and experienced movers are well-equipped to handle all of your moving needs, whether it involves handling delicate china from your grandmother or lifting heavy couches and enormous armoires.