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4 Best Gluten Free Restaurants in Seattle

Although traditional restaurants will accommodate gluten-free requests, the risk of cross contamination is a real concern if you are sensitive or allergic to gluten. To take this worry completely out of the equation, restaurants focusing on gluten-free fare have been popping up throughout the Seattle area in recent years. While dining at these restaurants, you…

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4 Best Waterfront Restaurants in Seattle

“Water, water everywhere” is not just a poetic cliche in Rain City Seattle, where the entire Puget Sound region ebbs and flows to the rhythm of its lakes, bays, cuts, channels and shipping canals. This makes for a lot of waterfront dining in Seattle, and you can bet it’s second to none. From local Pacific…

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5 Best Playgrounds in Seattle

Seattle’s urban playgrounds are no joke, sprawling over acres of trails, old-growth forests and native plant gardens, interspersed with climbing structures, sand pits, fountains and wading pools. From casual neighborhood slide-and-swing parks to expansive discovery state and beach enclaves, it’s easy to snag an hour or a full day of fresh air and active family…

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6 Best Fish Tacos in Seattle

Nestled high in the Pacific Northwest and surrounded by cool, crisp ocean waters, Seattle has long been associated with some of the best seafood the United States has to offer.In this guide I look at the top places in Seattle to get your fix of a cult classic seafood dish, the modern version of which…

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