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Seattle Real Estate: How Chinese Homebuyers are Encouraging Growth

Seattle, Washington has recently seen a large influx of Chinese investors, which has had a notable impact on the economy as well as the local housing market. There are several reasons for this development (including legislation recently passed in Canada), but a primary driving force behind the migration of money towards Seattle is the city’s…

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Art for Art Lovers in Seattle for October

October is almost here! With it comes a wave of activities to do all over the world. Pumpkin spice is in full demand in just about every food and beverage in fast food places. The leaves turn a nice, pretty color that would be perfect for a Norman Rockwell painting. Children and adults can stuff their…

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Top 5 Family Friendly Activities To Do This Fall in Seattle

According to US News, fall is a select time for family friendly activities and tourism in Seattle, Washington. In fact, many travel and leisure experts say that September and October are the two best months of the year to visit the city.For one thing, the fall season is the perfect time to beat the crowds,…

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4 Short-Move Tips that Will Spare You a Headache

You love that massive refrigerator when it’s filled with food and you’re hungry, but now you’re giving it the evil eye as you try to figure out how you’ll get it through your doorway and onto a moving truck.The average American will move nearly 12 times over the course of their lifetime, and one out…

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