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Top 5 Tips For Helping Pets Adjust to a New Home

Pets rely on their owners to help them make a smooth adjustment to a move. A poorly managed move can result in anxiety, depression or even attempts to runaway. Your dog may develop an excessive barking habit or destroy parts of your new home and your cat may become aggressive or trying urinating to mark…

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Paint Like a Pro: Top 5 Tips For Your Next Painting Project

When summer rolls around, a lot of people like to start working on home improvement projects. The weather is nice and the days are longer; it’s a great time to work on improving your home. Painting is a very affordable way to make a big impression inside and outside your home, and especially if you’re…

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Emptying the Nest: A Guide to Moving Students Off to College

Moving off to college for the is the first major rite of passage for many modern teens and their parents. Like all such transitions, the moment is bitter sweet, both fraught with stress and filled with excitement. It is a joyous time of new opportunities for teens where the hard work of high school has…

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Top 5 Summer Home Improvement Projects

Summer days provide a perfect time to complete some simple but impressive projects that can transform the appearance of your home. While your children are out of school, your family can enjoy working on outdoor projects in pleasant weather. Improving your home’s curb appeal enhances its financial and intrinsic value.Making Improvements That Matter The MostYour…

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