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Top 5 Ways to Save Time & Money with a Long Distance Move

Anyone who has ever moved long-distance can tell you moving can get expensive fast. And while many costs are unavoidable, there are plenty of ways to keep expenses down: finding optimal times to move, downsizing, avoiding purchasing unnecessary moving materials, hiring help, and even writing it off in your taxes. 1 RE-THINK YOUR MOVE A…

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Top 5 Safety Tips Every Person Should Know Before Moving

Moving is an exciting activity; however, it is a stress on the body and the mind as well. Foster’s Stress Scale places moving just below losing a family member as the second-most stressful activity that a person goes through in an average life. The moving tips below will save you time, save you money and…

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Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous: How Do Celebrities Move?

People have a tendency to glorify the lavish lifestyles of celebrities. While there are undeniable perks associated with wealth and fame, excessive notoriety can also be a bit of a curse. Given the slobbering obsession much of the public has with famous figures, it can seem impossible for them to ever escape the limelight. What…

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